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Forum Game 11: Win and Be a Member of 1 Netflix Group


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Masaya to! :)



How to play :

Magbibigay ako ng 4-letter word. Tapos you will change one letter of that word, and the new word must also be a word. PM me your answers. 

Example: leaf - deaf

Hindi ko ibibigay agad ang five 4-letter words so those who are always active have advantage.

Pag isa ka sa mga naunang makasagot sa lahat ng words, member ka na ng netflix group!:)




1. You can only change one letter.

2. The new word must be a proper word that can be found in the english dictionary.











If you want to buy your own Netflix Account for a CHEAP price, go to this post! :)





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On 3/3/2019 at 5:30 PM, tasyongjabonga said:

pPM pala :) 


19 hours ago, powbacon said:

Pm sent po ^_^



8 hours ago, akosijhacob said:

:) ok na madam

Thanks for joining! Nirecord ko scores at sino mga nauna. I'll give the account para sa winners for the netflix group as soon as makagawa ako ng account. :)

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