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  1. For sale skinClaude Lifeguard - 350phpGuinevere Amethyst - 400phpNana Mecha Baby - 450phpPwede pa bumaba price sa sure buyer. You can add me on my facebook account if you're interested. if possible na pwede mag midman mga moderator dito okay lang sakin via midman.
  2. Pm sent po Noted po. Thanks for reminders
  3. For SaleClaude Special Skin - LifeGuardPayment First via code yung pag send ng skin. After sending proof of payment, send game ID server ID saka verification code. Then saka ko ibibigay skin. You can add me on facebook baka may trust issue kayo. Comment below if interested. Pwede pa pagusapan price 400PHP
  4. Thanks for sharing po. Nakakuha po ko slot ako po yung Z. Thaaanks
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