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(Completed) Win 50Pesos Gcash - Answer this KenKen Puzzle


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1. Must have atleast 30 contents to join the game.

2. You can only answer again once I quoted you as wrong.

3. Edited post means wrong.


Name of The Game 



Short background

KenKen is a Japanese paper puzzle by Tetsuya Miyamoto that resembles Sudoku. Ken Ken roughly translates to "cleverness-cleverness," and solving one requires a mix of math skills and general logic. The rules take some getting used to, but once you have the basics down you can tackle Ken Kens of any size


How to play this game

1. Fill in each horizontal row with the numbers 1-7, without repeating any of them.


2.Fill each vertical column with every number, without repeating. 


3. Find and note the "cages," thick, irregular boxes within the Kenken, to get clues to a solution. Inside of the Kenken, there are big, thick lines marking of several boxes at once, with a mathematical equation (ex. "3+," "1-," "2").


4.Know that the number and syllable at the top of each cage must be the "goal," or answer, of the written numbers put inside. If you have four numbers in a cage labeled "8+," then the four numbers in that cage must add up to eight, like 1 | 2 | 2 | 3 (note that this would be an L-shaped cage, otherwise you'd have two 2s in the same line!). 


5.Know that subtraction and division boxes can be in any order.


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