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Mind-Blowing Facts

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1. The likelihood of surviving a plane accident is around 95.7%. However, around 16% of accidents are fatal. Of all modern transport-category planes, the one with the worst safety record is the Concorde, yet it only had one fatal accident, this is because of its limited service history.*
2. Britain's youngest grandfather was 29 at the time of birth.
3. The strongest creature on Earth, gonorrhea bacteria, can pull 100,000 times their body weight.
4. The Queen owns one-sixth of the Earth's land surface.
5. If you spell out every number you won't use an A until you reach one thousand.
6. Half of the humans ever to live have died from malaria.
7. If there was no space between the atoms on Earth it would be the size of a regular baseball.
8. Jimmy Carter, the genius that he is, sent a jacket to his cleaner with nuclear launch codes and secrets in the pocket.
9. The Queen of Thailand forbid her subjects from touching her and so they were all forced to look on as she drowned.
10. A giraffe's spots are truly unique- no two giraffes have the same spots, also you can determine their age from the darkness of their spots.
Thanks for reading.
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2 hours ago, rageme08 said:

Nice new learnings. Thanks

hehehe thanks po

2 hours ago, Broofi said:

thank you very much for enlightening us...

Marami pa ako ipopost soon, your welcome

2 hours ago, mjoshua08 said:

Nice hahahaha ang galing, medyo epic yung 9.

hahaha oo nga, napakasavage

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