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OneVPN.co - 1 year Free access - 4 locations

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other VPNs available at link below

40+ Free Accounts, Courses, VPNs & Web - compilation


OneVPN.co is a Russian VPN provider
use Google Translate browser extension

go to

This is the hidden content, please

enter email in the text box
click blue button "Получить доступ" = "Get access"

check for email from "OneVPN Service"<[email protected]>
(example only)
Email/Login : [email protected]
Password : 60b762ve

enter email & password
click blue button "Безопасный вход" = "Secure login"

in the box with the "Key" icon,
enter promo code below
click the red button "Применить" = "Apply"

you will see
ТАРИФНЫЙ ПЛАН = "Tariff Plan"


scroll down,
download, scan, install & run VPN client
login w/ email & password above


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