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Gboard Tips & Tricks To Improve Mobile Typing


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Gboard Tips & Tricks To Improve Mobile Typing


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With over a billion downloads, Gboard, the Google keyboard, is one of Google’s most-downloaded apps. It’s pre-installed on almost every Android device, and iOS users can download it from the App Store.

While it’s rightfully known as one of the best keyboards out there, Gboard includes several hidden features that you might never come across organically. We’ll show you how to become a Gboard power user by implementing the Gboard tips and tricks below.


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14 minutes ago, Unniee said:

Thanks for sharing this tricks to us 


12 minutes ago, Liza8 said:

Thanks for sharing 


4 minutes ago, somchai said:

HAHAH!! Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard user here!!! anyways! THANKS LODS FOR SHARING HIHI

Haha. You got to learn something new tho :) 


Welcome you guys. :) 

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