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Found 21 results

  1. - Artist : Michael Jackson - Album : Dangerous - Year: 1991 - Genre: Pop - Quality : Flac HRA 24bits/96.0kHz Label: Sony Music Latin - Source : highresaudio - HRA-Release: 06.03.2015 - Size : 1,60gb Tracklist: 01 Jam 02 Why You Wanna Trip on Me 03 In the Closet 04 She Drives Me Wild 05 Remember the Time 06 Can't Let Her Get Away 07 Heal the World 08 Black or White 09 Who Is It 10 Give in to Me 11 Will You Be There 12 Keep the Faith 13 Gone Too Soon 14 Dangerous Total Runtime: 01:16:59 — Download Link:
  2. Artist : Future Album : Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD Year : 17 January 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Quality : Flac Hi-Res 24bits/44.1kHz Label: Released by Epic - Freebandz Source : Qobuz Size : 701mb Description One of the kings of trap returns with a colossal twenty-track album. Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD is Future’s seventh studio album and arguably the first major rap/trap album of 2019. And along with this new release comes yet another one of the Atlanta trapper’s alter-egos, The WIZRD. After Caesar Lee, Super Future (the hard worker who produced albums such as Purple Reign and Beast Mode), Fire Marshall Future (the showman) and Future Hendrxx (the rock star) we now see the emergence of The WIZRD. The WIZRD is a name that was given to Future by his late uncle and is the alter-ego that has “got the answers for everything” as he put it in an interview with MTV News. It’s the persona he embraces when he goes “back into the woods” to figure out his next release. It seems The WIZRD knows how to mix different types of Future together as this album consists of both melancholic melodies and hard-hitting trap anthems. This mix of track style is something that hasn’t been seen on past albums generally speaking. It’s usually one style or the other. Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD brings together the softer melodies such as Never Stop, Temptation and Tricks on Me as well as the classic trap beats of Servin Killa Kam, Unicorn Purp (featuring Gunna and Young Thug), First Off (featuring Travis Scott) and Promise U That. Despite including two young trap stars on the album in Young Thug and Gunna, Future does not hesitate to take a slash at their generation. With Krazy but True he claims that the trap youth are living off his legacy, boldly stating “I’m god to you, I worked too hard just to spoil you, you need to pay me my respect…”. And in fairness, there a few that would deny Future’s importance as an innovator for the sub-genre. He is indeed trap royalty. There are some numbers here that could have and perhaps should have been left out in order to reduce the size of the rather overwhelming tracklist and render the album more focused. Talk Sh*t Like a Preacher, Overdose and the single Jumpin on a Jet serve only to fill in gaps, gaps that aren’t actually there. However, overall Future gives us a good mix of his f*** you attitude and his more apologetic side. © Euan Decourt/Qobuz Tracklist: Download Link:
  3. Format: MPEG Audio File size: 624 MiB Overall bit rate mode: Constant Overall bit rate: 320 kb/s Tracklist: — Download Link:
  4. Album: WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Released: March 29, 2019 Format: 96kHz/24-bit FLAC (Tidal Rip) Tracklist: Download Link:
  5. - Artist : Various - Album : Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Year: 2019 - Composer: Various - Genre: Soundtrack - Quality : Flac HRA 24bits/44.1kHz - Label: Walt Disney Records - Source : highresaudio - HRA-Release: 22.05.2019 - Size : 862mb Tracklist: 01 Arabian Nights (2019) 02 One Jump Ahead 03 One Jump Ahead (Reprise) 04 Speechless (Part 1) 05 Friend Like Me 06 Prince Ali 07 A Whole New World 08 One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2) 09 Speechless (Part 2) 10 A Whole New World (End Title) 11 Friend Like Me (End Title) 12 Speechless (Full) 13 The Big Ship 14 Agrabah Marketplace 15 Aladdin's Hideout 16 Jasmine Meets Prince Anders 17 Breaking In 18 Returning the Bracelet 19 The Dunes 20 Simple Oil Lamp 21 The Cave of Wonders 22 The Basics 23 Escape from the Cave 24 Prince Ali's Outfit 25 Until Tomorrow 26 Aladdin's Second Wish 27 Never Called a Master Friend 28 Harvest Dance 29 Jafar Becomes Sultan 30 Hakim's Loyalty Tested 31 Most Powerful Sorcerer 32 Carpet Chase 33 Jafar Summons the Storm 34 Jafar's Final Wish 35 Genie Set Free 36 The Wedding 37 Friend Like Me (Finale) Total Runtime: 01:16:27 — Download Link:
  6. Artist : David Guetta Album : New Rave Year : 16 July 2020 Genre: Dance Quality : Flac Hi-Res 24bits/44.1kHz Label: Released by Parlophone (France) Source : Qobuz Size : 157mb Tracklist: Download Link:
  7. - Artist : Jean-Michel Jarre - Album : Welcome To The Other Side - Year : 2021 - Genre: Techno/electronica - Composer: Various - Quality : Flac HRA 24bits/48.0kHz - Label: Legacy/Columbia - Source : highresaudio - HRA-Release: 02.01.2021 - Size : 590mb Tracklist 01 The Opening (Notre-Dame Rework) 02 Oxygene 2 (JMJ Rework of Kosinski Remix) 03 The Architect (Notre-Dame Rework) 04 Oxygene 19 (Notre-Dame Rework) 05 Oxygene 8 (Notre-Dame Rework) 06 Zero Gravity (Notre-Dame Rework) 07 Exit (Notre-Dame Rework) 08 Equinoxe 4 (Notre-Dame Rework) 09 Stardust (Notre-Dame Rework) 10 Herbalizer (Notre-Dame Rework) 11 Oxygene 4 (JMJ Rework of Astral Projection Remix) 12 The Time Machine (Notre-Dame Rework) Total Runtime: 45:19 — Download Link:
  8. Artist: Planetshakers Album: Reflector Release Date: 2002 Genres: Praise & Worship, Contemporary Format | Bitrate: Mp3 | 320 Kbps Size: 175 MB Tracklist: 01.You’re Everything 02.I Want To Know You 03.Reflector 04.Come Breathe 05.Unto You 06.Overwhelmed 07.I’m Living For 08.I Want To See Jesus 09.Amazing Grace 10.Worthy To Be Praised 11.Lift Up Your Eyes 12.Reflector (Reprise) Password: 111 DOWNLOAD: CTTO
  9. Tracklist: 01 Want You Back 02 Nothing's Wrong 03 Little Of Your Love 04 Ready For You 05 Something To Tell You 06 You Never Knew 07 Kept Me Crying 08 Found It In Silence 09 Walking Away 10 Right Now 11 Night So Long — Download Link:
  10. - Artist : Lady Gaga - Album : Joanne (Deluxe) - Year : October 20, 2016 - Genre: Pop - Quality : Flac Hi-Res 24bits/44.1kHz - Label: Released by Interscope - Source : Qobuz - Size : 533mb Tracklist: 01 Diamond Heart 02 A-YO 03 Joanne 04 John Wayne 05 Dancin' In Circles 06 Perfect Illusion 07 Million Reasons 08 Sinner's Prayer 09 Come To Mama 10 Hey Girl 11 Angel Down 12 Grigio Girls 13 Just Another Day 14 Angel Down (Work Tape) — Download Links:
  11. Artist: Planetshakers Album: All That I Want Release Date: 2004 Genres: Praise & Worship, Contemporary Format | Bitrate: Mp3 | 320 Kbps Size: 175 MB Tracklist: 01 - Running After You 02 - Need You In My Life 03 - Everything's Changed 04 - All That I Want 05 - Here I Am 06 - Could I Ever 07 - Rain Down 08 - Come To Praise 09 - All Of My Days 10 - Come To Praise 11 - Perfect Day 12 - Big 13 - Enter In 14 - Holy Is The Lord Password: 111 DOWNLOAD CTTO
  12. Artist: Planetshakers Album: Evermore Release Date: 2005 Genres: Praise & Worship, Contemporary Format | Bitrate: Mp3 | 320 Kbps Size: 177 MB Tracklist: 1. Follow 2. Always And Forever 3. Jump Around 4. Great And Mighty 5. I'm Yours 6. Holy Spirit 7. Not Ashamed 8. No Tomorrow 9. Angels Cry Holy 10. You Alone 11. You're All I Need 12. Evermore 13. Don't Pass Me By Password: 111 DOWNLOAD CTTO
  13. Description Borrowing at least one trick from Kacey Musgraves, Kesha calls her fourth album High Road, leaning into the dual meaning of "high." She's appealing to her better angels but she's eager to party and who can blame her? Kesha spent the back half of the 2010s embroiled in a series of nasty legal battles with her former producer and collaborator Dr. Luke, a struggle chronicled in part on Rainbow, the 2017 album that found her reemerging after a period of darkness. Now that her heavy lifting is out of the way, she's ready to reconnect with her roots as a funny, trashy pop prankster; the persona that made her a star a decade prior to the 2020 release of High Road. Time changes everything, though, and it's hard to hear High Road without thinking of the events that led to it. Kesha's smart enough to deal with this situation head on, opening the album with a call to party ("Tonight") followed by "My Own Dance," a defiant rallying call that pivots upon her dismissing being pigeonholed by labels: "you're the party girl/you're the tragedy/but the funny thing/Im f*****g everything." The rest of High Road finds Kesha proving this statement true, bouncing between a slamming collaboration with Big Freedia and a sensitive duet with alt-country troubadour Sturgill Simpson, stopping proceedings for both a treacly retro-synth pop ode to friendship and a bit of thudding carnival music. Jokes abound: the tongue-in-cheek "Kinky" allegedly features a cameo by "Kinky Spice," "Birthday Suit" bops along to vintage video game bleeps, and Kesha swears like a sailor throughout. It's designed to be a heady good time and it often is, even if there's a slight air of desperation in Kesha's hedonistic desires; at the album's wildest and dirtiest moments, there's a sense that her heart isn't quite into the revelry. Still, those moments are few and they're overshadowed by the sheer joie de vivre of Kesha feeling the freedom to be so silly she doesn't care if she falls on her face. © Stephen Thomas Erlewine /TiVo ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Artist : Ke$ha - Album : High Road - Year : January 30, 2020 - Genre: Pop - Quality : Flac Hi-Res 24bits/44.1kHz - Label: Released by Kemosabe Records - RCA Records - Source : Qobuz - Size : 560mb Tracklist: 01 Tonight 02 My Own Dance 03 Raising Hell 04 High Road 05 Shadow 06 Honey 07 Cowboy Blues 08 Resentment 09 Little Bit Of Love 10 Birthday Suit 11 Kinky 12 Potato Song (Cuz I Want To) 13 BFF 14 Father Daughter Dance 15 Chasing Thunder — Download Link:
  14. - Artist : Mariah Carey - Album : Merry Christmas (Remastered) - Year: 01.11.2019 - Composer: Various - Genre: Pop - Quality : Flac HRA 24bits/96.0kHz - Label: Columbia/Legacy - Source : highresaudio - Size : 2,42gb Tracklist: 01 Silent Night 02 All I Want for Christmas Is You 03 O Holy Night 04 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 05 Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) 06 Joy to the World 07 Jesus Born on This Day 08 Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town 09 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) 10 Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child 11 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 12 Sugar Plum Fairy Introlude 13 All I Want for Christmas Is You (Live at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine) 14 Silent Night (Live at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine) 15 Joy to the World (Live at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine) 16 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) (Live at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine) 17 Jesus Born On This Day (Live at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine) 18 Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Live at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine) 19 Oh Santa! 20 Christmas Time Is in the Air Again 21 When Christmas Comes 22 The Star 23 Lil Snowman 24 Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Anniversary Mix) 25 All I Want for Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix) 26 All I Want for Christmas Is You (Mariah's New Dance Mix Extended 2009) 27 Joy to the World (Celebration Mix) 28 Joy to the World (Flava Mix) 29 Sugar Plum Fairy Introlude (Acapella) — Download Link:
  15. Artist: Planetshakers Album: My King (Live Praise And Worship) Release Date: 2004 Genres: Praise & Worship, Contemporary Format | Bitrate: Mp3 | 320 Kbps Size: 148 MB Tracklist: 01.Give You Praise 02.Open Up The Gates 03.Everything To Me 04.Be With You 05.You Are Holy 06.I Believe 07.Worship The King 08.Rescue Me 09.Hero 10.How I Love You 11.All I Want Is You 12.My King Password: 111 DOWNLOAD CTTO
  16. Artist: Planetshakers Album: Open Up The Gates Release Date: 2004 Genres: Praise & Worship, Contemporary Format | Bitrate: Mp3 | 320 Kbps Size: 112 MB Tracklist: 01 Open Up The Gates 02 Rescue Me 03 You Are Holy 04 It's All About Jesus 05 Worship The King 06 My Passion 07 Everything To Me 08 Reason I Live 09 All I Want Is You 10 How I Love You PASSWORD: 111 DOWNLOAD: CTTO
  17. Artist : ZAYN Album : Mind Of Mine (Deluxe Edition) Year: 24.03.2016 Genre: Pop Composer: Various Quality : Flac HRA (Studio Master) 24bits/44.1kHz Label: RCA Records Label Nashville Source : highresaudio Size : 658mb Tracklist: Download Link:
  18. Artist : David Guetta Album : Just a Little More Love Year : 9 June 2002 Genre: Dance Quality : Flac CD 16bits/44.1kHz Label: Released by Parlophone (France) Source : Qobuz Size : 371mb Description It's probably not right to compare David Guetta's full-length debut to a band that only had one tune, but Just a Little More Love is the breezy and slick album Stardust never recorded. You could point to Modjo too, but Guetta has that something extra that makes him more of a leader than a follower. He's got modern-day disco down pat and his productions are glistening flashes that have just enough substance to keep listeners returning. Unlike Stardust's parent organization, Daft Punk, Guetta keeps his feet on Earth, focusing on the sensual and empowering rather than the Punk's love of left-field spaciness. If Daft Punk watch the Cartoon Network all day, Guetta watches BET, and the numerous soulful vocals from gospel singer Chris Willis and dance diva Barbara Tucker are the evidence. "Just a Little More Love" and "Love, Don't Let Me Go" are the proven hits, having deservedly filled many a dancefloor by the album's release. But Guetta still has an album's worth of ideas up his sleeve. "Sexy 17" is a winner with could-be-Prince vocals from the mysterious Jack Uzi, and the aggressive "Distortion" is a nice bit of racket that finds Willis doing a call-and-response with a drum machine. The American edition adds some excitement by tacking on Guetta's banging remix of David Bowie's "Heroes," now titled "Just for One Day." Nice extra, but this edition has already screwed up the flow of the original album by swapping some of the tracks and dropping two in favor of remixes. Of course this isn't conceptual like Sgt. Pepper or Dark Side of the Moon, so it only hurts a little. © David Jeffries /TiVo Tracklist: Download Link:
  19. Let It Echo is a live album by Jesus Culture. Sparrow Records alongside Jesus Culture Music Let It Echo Songs 1. Never Gonna Stop Singing (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live] 2. Fierce (Live) 3. Alive in You (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live] 4. In the River (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live] 5. Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) [feat. Chris Quilala] [Live] 6. God with Us (feat. Bryan Torwalt) [Live] 7. Miracles (Live) 8. Set Me Ablaze (feat. Katie Torwalt) [Live] 9. Everything and Nothing Less (feat. Chris McClarney) [Live] 10. In Your Presence (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live] 11. I Stand in Awe (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live] 12. Power in the Cross (feat. Derek Johnson) [Live] HAPPY DOWNLOADING: THANKS AND GOD BLESS!
  20. Here as in Heaven (Live) Elevation Worship 1. Here as in Heaven (Live) 8:18 2. Grace Like a Wave (Live) 4:43 3. Call Upon the Lord (Live) 5:21 4.O Come to the Altar (Live) 5:53 5. Resurrecting (Live) 7:47 6. Evidence (Live) 5:12 7. Shine a Light (Live) 4:17 8. Yahweh (Live) 6:43 9. I Can't Believe (Live) 5:45 10. First and Only (Live) 5:23 11 Praise Goes On (Live) 4:15 12. Hold on to Me (Live) 5:22 13 For a Moment (Live) 6:28 14. O Come to the Altar (Live) 3:55 Released: Feb 5, 2016 ℗ 2015 Elevation Worship Also Available in iTunes On this spiritual soundtrack, Elevation Worship attempt to prove that heaven is indeed a place on earth. Opening with the ecstatic title track, the album is filled with declarations of faith and marked by spontaneous shouts of praise. The tempo may shift, but the mood is always celebratory: The whispery, confiding nature of “Yahweh” is reminiscent of Michael W. Smith’s worship tunes, while the piano-driven “O Come to the Altar” has a stripped-back, organic feel, and the hymn-like “Resurrecting” adds a traditional element. DOWNLOAD tHANKS AND GOD BLESS!
  21. Planetshakers is an evangelical Christian Pentecostal megachurch adult and youth movement in Melbourne, Australia. It is also the name of the church band with a number of album releases. Planetshakers Church (formerly Melbourne City Church) is a Pentecostal Christian church affiliated with Australian Christian Churches, the Assemblies of God in Australia. Formed as Australian Christian band in 1997, originally from Adelaide now based in Melbourne.[2] The church started when the band and ministry moved to Melbourne in 2004. The church is pastored by Russell and Sam Evans and has over 10,000 members. Russell Evans is the son of longtime pastor Andrew Evans. Currently, Planetshakers has five campuses in Melbourne; City, North, North East, South East and Geelong, with an additional four international campuses in Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, and United States. Its founder, Russell Evans, declared its aims, "I believe that the church of God should be the greatest party on the planet... We're here not just to be local, we're here to be global and we can have the ability to influence the whole planet." RELEASED ALBUM WHEN THE PLANET ROCKED 2000 Phenomena (2001) So Amazing (2001) Reflector (2002) Rain Down (2003) My King (Live Praise And Worship) (2003) Open Up The Gates (2004) Always And Forever (2004) All That I Want (2004) Decade: Lift Up Your Eyes (2005) Evermore (2005) Arise (2006) Praise Him (2006) Worship Him (2006) Pick It Up (2006) Saviour Of The World (2007) Never Stop (2007) Free (2007)All For Love (2008)Beautiful Saviour: Acoustic Series Vol.1 (2008)Deeper (2009)One (2009)Even Greater (2010)Nothing Is Impossible (2011)Find A Way EP (2011)Heal Our Land (2012)Limitless (2013)Shout Praises Kids - Nothing Is Impossible (2013) .. TO BE CONTINUED =======================================================================
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