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Here as in Heaven (Live)

Elevation Worship


1. Here as in Heaven (Live)    8:18

2. Grace Like a Wave (Live)    4:43

3. Call Upon the Lord (Live)    5:21

4.O Come to the Altar (Live)    5:53

5. Resurrecting (Live)    7:47

6. Evidence (Live)    5:12

7. Shine a Light (Live)    4:17

8. Yahweh (Live)    6:43

9. I Can't Believe (Live)    5:45

10. First and Only (Live)    5:23

11 Praise Goes On (Live)    4:15

12. Hold on to Me (Live)    5:22

13 For a Moment (Live)    6:28

14. O Come to the Altar (Live)    3:55

Released: Feb 5, 2016
℗ 2015 Elevation Worship
Also Available in iTunes


On this spiritual soundtrack, Elevation Worship attempt to prove that heaven is indeed a place on earth. Opening with the ecstatic title track, the album is filled with declarations of faith and marked by spontaneous shouts of praise. The tempo may shift, but the mood is always celebratory: The whispery, confiding nature of “Yahweh” is reminiscent of Michael W. Smith’s worship tunes, while the piano-driven “O Come to the Altar” has a stripped-back, organic feel, and the hymn-like “Resurrecting” adds a traditional element.


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