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  1. Hi po, ask ko lang po anong magandang DSLR camera na nag rarange po ng 10k-15k po... plan ko po sanang bumili ng cam for photography beginners lang po ako... okay lng yung second hand.. please do comment down below, really appreciate it.. Thank you po and God bless :)
  2. Naghahanap po ako ng shoes supplier...baka meron dito.. please comment down below po.. or direct pm me
  3. 4&5: pink, white, blue, yellow, red,green 4&5: nude color or flesh
  4. Hi po, baka may nakakaalam dito...Ask ko lang po kung saan or supplier ng mga oem shoes po...? wholesaler and reseller po ako...Pm me or comment down below po... sana may sasagot... Nag hahanap ako kasi ng supplier.. thank you in advance and more power
  5. thanks for sharing lods thanks for sharing lods
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