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  1. pasili po, thanks for sharing
  2. pasilip po kung working pa , thanks for sharing po
  3. baka ito gumana na haahha, thanks for sharing ulet po
  4. pasilip po kung working pa thanks for sharing
  5. Maari po bang makasabit sa Grammarly nyo :(

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    2. kurt


      ok na po idol @Tzuyu thank you very much mo ulet :(

    3. JvPalomar


      maam tzuyu ako rin po sana please [email protected]

    4. Ggswa


      pwede po pasabit din need lang ngayon  🥺

  6. pasilip po idol haaha thanks for sharing
  7. Forum: Free Stuff - Giveaways https://forums.benlotus.com/forum/18-free-stuff-giveaways/ mwehehheheehehehehe
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