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  1. Thanks for sharing po boss very useful for online class lalo na hina ng pldt
  2. Thank God it's Friday 💓

    Happy Weekend! From A Tiny Polar Bear To You. GIF | Gfycat

  3. thanks for sharing po hahahaha sanaol po may laman gcash hahahah
  4. Welcome po kayong lahat, Sana po makatulong God Bless din sa inyo
  5. Hi! minsan po talaga ganun, na-experience ko na rin po yan na mabagal sa simula pero eventually magcoconnect din po yan. Pero if ever na ayaw talaga try other accounts po working naman po lahat yan, tinry ko lahat before posting
  6. Hi! please read the rules carefully po as far as I know po commenting thanks only or less than 8 characters is not allowed
  7. Please avoid spamming po comments less that 8 characters is not allowed welcome po idol tzuyu welcome po thanks din po hi! no problem po ate no worries sir thanks too
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