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Hello everyone para ito sa mga taong sawa na mag paload ng giga  at gosurf promos


1gb for 3 days ?

Dito sa vpn nato 2gb per day  for 10 days 


20 gb for 10 days 

Isipin mo kung gaano kalaki matitipid mo diba


Disclaimer : this is pure free, well the payload is an exception ?

But it's like investing for a better option 


I've been  using this vpn for almost 1 month 

You can find this app in playstore


Unity VPN

Credits to the  owner of this vpn

If you want more information , YouTube is the key because I found it there




This vpn offers you different servers and payload options 


Currently im using SUN's TU50 PROMO which lasts for 10 days with additional   text and calls 



Note:  I don't know if this can be use for gaming 

I tried once playing it on MOBILE LEGENDS but it's kinda laggy ,stays on yellow ping

But I'm not sure for other network?

Note#2: I hope you know what happens when you try to surpass the 2gb limit

Your sim get block?

So watch out  ?


But this is absolutely good for downloading,Surfing and  streaming (Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and almost everything but online gaming)


This is what I use on watching Netflix series and you can tell by my data consumption lol


Hope this helps for y'all 

Keep sharing mga lods





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4 minutes ago, Coinoob said:

Thank you for sharing Lods.


Just now, Sigyn said:

Thank you for sharing po! 


3 minutes ago, Nearsteal said:

Salamat sa info idol! Download ko to.


4 minutes ago, Esmi said:

Appreciated ?

Thanks for sharing !!

Welcome po mga lodi♥️

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