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(Completed) Win 100 Pesos Gcash - Answer this Logic Grid - Europe Trip Problem


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Sponsored by: Boss @JiroDavid



  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game. 
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.
  • React to this post.


After the global pandemic and when everything went back to normal, the 5 siblings which were  born on  5 consecutive years decided to have a Europe trip with their pets. They all have different destinations and different pets. They enjoyed different tourist spots there and went on different exciting tourist activities there. Match their names with the correct details. Their ages must be in ascending order.


Names: Lea, Harold, Jake, Raymond, Juliet

Pets: parrot, goldfish, hamster, cat, turtle

Destinations: London, Barcelona, Iceland, Rome, Paris

Activities: ice skating, bungee jumping, trekking, swimming, zip lining

Ages: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29




1. The goldfish owner didn't go to London and didn't go swimming.


2. The sibling who enjoyed the view of the Big Ben and the tower bridge isn't Raymond and doesn't know how to swim.


3. Lea is allergic to cats and didn't go to Rome.


4. The sibling who went to Iceland didn't go zip lining there.


5. The one with a reptile pet is older than the one who went to London.


6. The sibling who went ice skating and the sibling who enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower are twins. The one who went ice skating was born earlier on December 31 and the other on New Year.


7. Raymond doesn't own a mammal pet.


8. Harold is older than Jake. However, he didn't go bungee jumping.


9. Raymond is younger than the goldfish owner, who is younger than the one who visited Barcelona.


10. The parrot owner didn't go ice skating.


11. Barcelona wasn't visited by a sibling with a mammal pet.


12. The hamster owner didn't go bungee jumping.


13. The one who has a parrot pet is older than the one who went swimming, but younger than Lea.


14. The two sisters are born on leap years.



1. The five siblings are:

     • The one who went trekking

     • The one who went to Barcelona

     • The one who owns a goldfish

     • Raymond

     • The one who is aged 25 years old

2. The 26-year old went to Paris but is afraid of heights and didn't go bungee jumping and zip lining.



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1 minute ago, J_M_R said:

Sabagay load kasi ito kya dapat ganto mga palaro.

oo, may challenge dapat haha

3 minutes ago, Lisa said:

thankyou. dami palaro logic grid hahaaha

welcome, daming pa-sponsor eh

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Lea,  turtle,  Ice land,  trekking,  25

Jake, cat,     Rome,  bungee jumping,  26

Harold, parrot, Barcelona,  zip lining,  27

Raymond, hamster, London,swimming,28

Juliet, goldfish, Paris, ice skating, 29


Try lang thanks for sharing


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Raymond, Goldfish, Ice land, Bungee Jumping, 25


Jake, Cat, Rome, Swimming, 26 


Juliet, Parrot , London, Zip Lining, 27


Lea, Hamster, Paris, Trekking, 28


Harold, Turtle , Barcelona, Ice skating, 29


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