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Pluralsight and Oracle have partnered to provide you with free access to courses so you can build the skills you need to establish a cloud-based IT infrastructure and accelerate application development and deployment. Skill up with Pluralsight’s technology skills platform across topics like:
-Programming languages (Java, JavaScript/Node.js, Python, SQL, PL/SQL)
-Databases, big data, data science
-Containers, Kubernetes, Linux, serverless and cloud-native
-Development methodologies (microservices, API design, RAD, Agile)
-Machine learning and artificial intelligence, chatbots and blockchain
-Modern web and mobile
-DevTools, DevOps and pipelines

Oracle Cloud
Master Oracle Cloud skills to solve real-world problems

How to Build New Skills in Oracle Digital Assistant - Leveraging Bots
Building APEX Applications with Different Data Formats
Deploying a Java App with Oracle Cloud Container Engine for Kubernetes
Monitoring Container Operations in Oracle Cloud Container Engine for Kubernetes
Defining New Data Structures Using Quick SQL
Provisioning Virtual Machines on Oracle Compute Cloud
Warehousing Data with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
Serverless Programming with Fn Project
Deploying a Python App with Oracle Cloud Container Engine for Kubernetes
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing for Developers


go to

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check for email from "Pluralsight [email protected]"
click pink "Create password"
enter and confirm password
click "Save"

login with your email & pwd
click "Sign in"



in Account Settings > Subscription/Billing
"You have access to the following limited subscriptions:
 Oracle Cloud (Limited Library) (Free) (expires July 12, 2021)"

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