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Lynda.com (LinkedIn) - 3 years? - library method #3

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NOTE: length of validity (3 years) depends on good info that you provide and good IP based on your VPN


connect by VPN to a US server, preferably near Youngstown, OH 44503

generate a name at site below
example: "Stephen Witzel"

search for "Youngstown, OH 44503 apartment for rent" at https://DuckDuckGo.com or https://google.com
choose an apartment result and copy its address
example: "224 W Wood St, Youngstown, OH 44502"

go to https://getnada.com (or any other temp email) to set up an email inbox
example: "[email protected]"


get your generated details ready
name:    Stephen Witzel
address: 224 W Wood St, Youngstown, OH 44502
email:     [email protected]

go to

Hidden Content
You'll Be Able To See The Hidden Content Once You Reply To This Topic

fill in name, address, email, b-day, pwd/PIN, branch (Main)
note that pwd can be a 4-digit PIN
solve CAPTCHA / I'm not a robot
click "Accept"

"Thank you for registering with the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County.
 Your Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County
 Temporary eCard Number:

click "My account"

login with eCard# and PIN/pwd
click "Continue..."
click "Continue"

enter username
check "I accept..."
click "Complete..."
click "Continue..."

wait and check for activation email from "PLYMC ([email protected])"

"To activate your account and get started, please confirm your email address by clicking this link:"
(example) http://plymc.bibliocommons.com/user/confirm/fbd7je0-28e7-5f3k-982h-5ve9268at246 (example)

"Card Expiry Date: Jul 03, 2023"

open a new tab, go to
enter Library Card Number
enter Library Card PIN
click "Log in"

click "No, I've never..."
fill in name & email
click "Save"


"Card Expiry Date: Jul 03, 2023"

bonus, other resources with your card

Hoopla - Books Downloads and Streaming Music Videos
23,000+ audiobooks, 10,000+ movies, 45,000+ music, 10,000+ comics, 2,000+ TV
Pub Libr of Youngstown & Mahoning

Mango Languages - learn 70 languages

Transparent Languages - learn 100 languages

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