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[OFFER] Get Free Premium Scribd Subscription (60 Days) by working on a simple job


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I am offering free 60 Days Premium Scribd Subscription

For the first 5 member that finished the job will get this offer...

About the job:

You need to share 5 things in this forums. Creating 5 useful topics that share anything (One topic sharing one thing). Once you're done, paste all the link of the topics here. I will check what you share. Once approved, you'll get a 60 Days Premium Scribd Subscription account in your INBOX, you can change password. Only you will have access to it.

Suggestion what to share but not limited to:

  • Movie
  • Audiobook
  • Book (in PDF or ePub format)
  • Music Album
  • Comics
  • Tricks and Tips on anything

Only the first 5 person who finished the job will have a free 60 Days Premium Scribd Subscription

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