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SMS Bomber


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56 minutes ago, LuffyLangMalakas said:


1. Download Termux google play

2. Paste nyo lang yung code sa baba
 • apt update&&upgrade
 • pkg install git
 • git clone

This is the hidden content, please

 • cd Reborn
 • bash start.sh
3. press ENTER
 • username : reborn
 • Password : 111222333
4. Click down button tapos piliin yung sms bomb.

Enter nyo na number ng client nyo 
 • Format 639 (country code wag lagyan ng + sign)
5. Automatic na magredirect sa chrome or kung ano default browser mo. Madaming ads kaya click back nalang.

Enter nyo yung code na ibabato ni Termux.

sample code: o7-oei82wnsishgwiH



- Reborn

- Akatsuki



How to stop it nman sir??

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