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Simple Forums Rules :)

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Familiarize yourself with our simple forum rules as the rules change overtime so take time visiting here for updates.

Also click the flag (report) button for broken links, rule violation and thread topic you want to move for the correct category.

Thank you and have a great time.


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Wag po mag comment ng hmmm, nc, ...., Ahhh at any like conversational fillers. Ayusin po konti ang comment pwede nman thanks, nice thread, good one. Madaming new member akong nakikita na ganyan magpost, para lang makita ang hidden link o makapagpadami ng post.

Posting multiple/continuous comments like this will result to restriction from posting and eventually to ban/ip ban.



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Oo nga parang illiterate mga comment. xD

Sa isa kong forum mark as spammer and delete agad mga ganyan comment. Khit THANKS o THANK YOU short comment instead hit the thanks or like button at idedelete and mark as spam post ka dun. 

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Nasa isip kasi ng mga ganyang comment  lalo na mga bago maliit tingin nila sa forum natin dahil bago lang kaya magkocomment sila ng magkocomment kahit wala nman sila talaga masabi pitikin na lang keyboard comment na yun.  Boring nonsense comment is for boring nonsense forum, kung boring tingin nyo sa forum namin wag na mag comment get lost na lang kesa mag spam lang kayo paparami ng post 1 click smiley lang tinatamad mag type sa keyboard.

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