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JiroDavid's Roulette Betting System # 1 - How to beat Roulette in short term.


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I've played at the Casino for many years in the past. I used several betting system in order to win in short-term. Remember, there's no way to win against the casino if you are playing long-term unless you are counting cards in Blackjack.


Anyway, you still can win against the Casino if you are only thinking about the short-term profit. For example, if I brought $200 with me to the Casino, I am hoping to win at least 50$ and call it a day, then it's possible. But for me, if I brought in $200 and hoping to win $1000, I may need a miracle. ??


Anyway, for this topic, I am showing one of the Betting Syste I know that I usually use in Roulette. I've tested it with the

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and it is working. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed way to win. But you'll have more chance of winning than just playing random bets.


For this Betting System. I would called it "Avoid the last winning number using dozens and groups" (Haha, I just made it up for fun)


Anyway, for this betting system...

First you have to decide what is 1-unit of your bet. You can set it to any amount based on your starting money. For the sake of this tutorial, I will set my 1-unit to 5 tokens. (BTokens, Bcoins, Tokens, whatever we called it in the BCash Games Extension)


Here are the steps:

STEP 1. For the first bet, I will bet the lowest number of token on both red and black. (I Know this is stupid because there's no way to win, but we need to know what number comes up so we can use it in the next step.)


STEP 2. Now, after the first number comes up, for our second bet, we will bet on all the groups/columns with 1-unit except on a group that the last winning number is on.


For example: If number 1 comes up, we won't bet on the 1st-12 because number 1 is there. And we also won't bet on row1 because number 1 is also on row1.


STEP 3. Repeat STEP 2. Keep repeating... until you lost 1 game, then repeat the BET with 2-unit. If 0 or 00 (green) comes up, you go back to STEP 1. (If you lost again the 2nd time, go back to STEP 1)


For each game that you hit both groups, you will profit 2-unit, for each game that you hit 1 group, you will lose 1-unit. For each game that you get nothing, you will lose 4-unit. But don't worry, you have more chance of winning every game than losing.


This betting system will give you over 84% of winning games. But not every winning game is a profit. Remember that. Stick to this betting system, and never deviate from it until you reached at least 50% more of your starting money. Then you should quit. 


Here's the video:


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1 hour ago, Tracer said:

Gusto ko gayahin etong moves mo boss pero syempre d mawawala ang demunyo style na amount hahahaha ?


19 minutes ago, YAN said:

wow . bawal lang tlga mademonyo ang klamay hahaha


hahha Na dedemonyo pa rin ang kamay ko ilang beses dahil sa Pag test ko kanina kaya inulit ko yung video. 

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