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JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay, Novel v13.0.8D-pi (Pro)


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The new age of writing is here. Reinvent your writing process now with JotterPad. From reed and papyrus to pen to keyboard to now our smartphones our way of writing has evolved. With JotterPad you can make your writing process streamlined fluid flexible and highly personalised to writers of all kinds.


Are you a novelist? A screenplay writer? A blogger? Or a journalist or academic perhaps? Writing aficionados of all kinds will find our Markdown and Fountain editor indispensable to all your writing needs.



Your Writing Process Streamlined

Jotterpad is a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) Markdown and Fountain editor. 


Writing in syntax is convenient as it allows you to format your work while sparing you from the tedium of constantly clicking and highlighting. However it can be unintuitive. Moreover syntax doesn't let you see what the final outcome of your work looks like.


With JotterPad you can get the best of both worlds. Write in syntax if you'd like. You can see the final version of your work instantly while editing. Alternatively write as you would and click to format your work as needed. You can instantly convert your work into rich text or other professional industry-accepted open formats.


Let your ideas & writing flow unhindered. Ready your articles essay drafts and novels for publishing.



Write Anywhere Anytime.

JotterPad offers automatic sync and offline capability. Sync all your files on Google Drive Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive across all devices such as iOS Mac Android and Web.


Continue writing anywhere even if you're offline and using our web app. JotterPad syncs your work to an unlimited cloud service when you are back online.



Give Your Editorial Content the Visual Polish it Needs

Find the exact image you need to express your thoughts ideas and opinions. Access millions of high-resolution editorial images on Unsplash and incorporate them with ease into your work with JotterPad.


Give your writing that extra oomph simply because you can.



Get Your Work Out There

With JotterPad there is no unnecessary drama. Export your written work into PDF HTML rich text Final Draft Fountain and Markdown without messing up… the only drama you need is the drama you've written about in your stories.


Do you post frequently on online platforms? You can now instantly publish whatever you've written on JotterPad to Tumblr Wordpress and Ghost in the exact format you've written it in without having to worry.



Version Control

You'll never have to panic again. JotterPad's Version Control automatically backs up your work as you write. Put your mind at ease and write with assurance. Freely explore every "WHAT IF"s you might have in your writing without worrying about losing previous versions of your drafts again.



The Only Writing Assistant You'll Need

The burden of a writer can be a heavy one. Let us help you lighten your load. JotterPad offers many useful features such as:


- Dictionary

- Thesaurus

- Search & Replace

- Rhyming Dictionary

- Light/dark theme

- Night light

- In-app file manager




What's New in v13.0.8D-pi (Pro):

Welcome to JotterPad 13. The new age of writing is here.


Here are the updates:

- Dark theme, Markdown editing is free

- New WYSIWYG editor

- Add inline images with Unsplash

- Publish: Tumblr, Wordpress & Ghost

- Fixed cloud sync, custom fonts, Markdown table

- Insert Tex equation

- Added statistics, symbols list, landscape support when connected to keyboard, quick scroll


Read more about updates here:

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Happy writing!






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Last Updated: Sunday, April 11, 2021
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