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Win 150 BCash by solving this Logic Grid - BenLotus Casino Friends


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Win 150 Bcash.

(100 for BCash Shop, and 50 for BCash Games)



  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game.
  • The name category must be first in your answer and in alphabetical order (i.e. A on top, Z at bottom)
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.



The Top 6 Biggest Gambler on BenLotus decided to visit the casino when they are not on BenLotus. During their trip, they have to leave their home city. During their Casino games, they ate their favorite food. Each of them has a favorite color. They also ordered drinks while playing at the casino.


Your job is to find who they are, where are they from, what food did they eat, what drink did they ordered, what casino games did they play, and their favorite color.


The categories are:


Quiapo, Pasay, Quezon, Laguna, Baguio, Cebu



Kyo, Yan, Darkcoder, Khan, Tralaw, Cosmic


Casino Games

Poker, Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack


Favorite Food

Hotdog, Banana, Ice cream, Halo-Halo, Pizza, Noodles


Favorite Drink

Water, Coffee, Beer, Wine, Milk, Orange Juice


Favorite Color

Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Brown



1. Yan doesn't like to eat any food that reminds her of a sausage.
2. The person who loves Halo-Halo don't like any color that start with a letter B.
3. The person that wears Black and eating a hotdog loves card games.
4. Yan, Khan and Tralaw don't like any card games. But at least Tralaw and Yan can bet with their casino chips.
5. Five of the Six person are: The person that wears red, the person that drinks coffee, the person that plays Baccarat, the person that eats Ice cream, the person that lives in Baguio.
6. Kyo plays a casino game against other casino players, and he's been playing for 20 hours.
7. The person who drinks Orange juice also loves orange, but never eat Halo-Halo before.
8. The person who lives in Laguna also play Slots but hate Noodles.
9. The person who plays Roullete and keep betting on red, orders a beer.
10. Yan doesn't live in Quezon, Quiapo, or Cebu.
11. Cosmic doesn't live in Pasay, but the other girl is.
12. The Person who loves Halo Halo, has a name of only 3 letters.
13. The drink of them has the same color as their favorite color, and it's not yellow or orange.
14. DarkCoder got drunk so he keep betting on Tie instead of Player or Banker.
15. The person that loves red is from Pasay.
16. The girl  that eat noodles also loves Blackjack.
17. The game with a pair of dice is played by the person who drink Milk, and lives in a city with only four letters.
18. Darkcoder is not from Quezon and Kyo is not from Quiapo.
19. Khan doesn't like any special drink, and hates Yellow and Pizza.
20. Watching the casino game Yan plays makes everyone feel dizzy.
21. Khan doesn't like Brown, Tralaw doesn’t like Blue. The Poker player doesn't like Yellow.




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