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Best Topic - October (Win 100 Pesos Gcash)


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Best Topic: October

Who can join?

- Special members and up

 @Special Member @Elite Member @Epic Member @Forum Adept  @Forum Guru  @Forum Legend @Forum Master @LifetimeStreamer @LifetimeStreamer





- Pick 1 topic you posted during the month of OCTOBER


- We will then choose among the entries the BEST TOPIC for OCTOBER

- It could be from any forum section.




✅ Content: Is your topic useful?Unique? A fun game? Informative? 

✅ Creativity: Is your post readable? Is the font size/color okay? Is the overall thread appearance okay?

✅ Members' response: Good Feedbacks/Reactions?



Deadline of Entries:

5:00PM Philippines November 12th, Thursday




100 Pesos Gcash



  • Your entry should be the one you posted last OCTOBER. 
  • Your entry should NOT be edited past OCTOBER.


I posted it to this section, so many people will see it and join. Will be moving this post to Forum Games at later time.


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