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Brandon Li X Zhiyun-tech – The Gimbal Masterclass


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Gimbals are the latest trend in camera movement, allowing a single operator to do what used to require an entire crew of people (and a lot of expensive gear!)


Now you can create incredible camera moves with only the gear that fits in your backpack.


But it takes skill to get your gimbal moves to really shine. You can’t just plug in the right settings and expect Hollywood-level results.


I’ve been using gimbals every day for the past 5 years, and I have developed a signature style of fluid movement. Some people even call me the “Gimbal God”.


I’ve used gimbals to film award-winning short films around the world, as well as commercials and music videos.


To me, gimbals are more than just a tool. They’re a paintbrush for creating visual art. And now I’m teaching you how to paint in your own voice.


This is everything you need to get started using your gimbal.


And if you’re already an experienced operator, you’ll be able to take your skills to an even higher level.


This is an intensive course, starting with the basics of setting up and balancing your gimbal, then teaching you dozens of essential gimbal moves. You’ll even learn how your gimbal can imitate a crane, jib, or drone!


Then, we go out to the real world and I demonstrate how I shoot in a crowded, difficult environment. You’ll see there’s a lot more to learn than just how to move your feet.


Finally, I show you how to craft a narrative “one-take” scene: an entire scene in one shot. You’ll learn how to break a scene down into “beats”. You’ll learn blocking and rehearsal. And I’ll show you my special techniques for using autofocus in complex scenes. This lesson is its own mini-masterclass in gimbal storytelling.





Basic Training: Setup and Fundamentals
Balancing your camera on the gimbal
Follow modes
Basics of smooth movement


Basic Training: Essential Gimbal Moves
All the moves you need to know!
Upright walking and running
Inverted mode
Orbiting your subject
Adding a monopod for drone-like shots


Infield: Street Filmmaking
Real-world shooting in the crowded city
See me adapt to challenges and improvise
Switching lenses on a gimbal
Go Mode for fast movements.


Basic Training Lessons
Infield Part 1: Street Filmmaking
Infield Part 2: Narrative Filmmaking






Are you fascinated by those long one-take scenes in movies? Do you want to be able to use your gimbal for more than just simple movements? This advanced lesson is all you need to get started making incredible “oners”, weaving seamlessly through a complex moving scene with your gimbal.


It all starts with the story. I take a scene and break it into “story beats” that can then be organized into “marks” for the camera and actor. I show you how to create smooth movements that focus the audience’s attention on the right subject at just the right time. I show you how to adjust your actor’s performance to synchronize seamlessly with the gimbal movements.


Once you get a taste of one-take filmmaking, you’ll be hooked! Your gimbal is a powerful storytelling tool.


— 17 Basic Training Lessons

— 14 Street Filmmaking Infield Lessons

— Fluid “One Shot” Master Infield Bootcamp






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— Download Link:


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