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Why support bill lowering age of criminal liability? Arroyo points to Duterte


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Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Wednesday admitted that she pushed for the approval of the bill seeking to lower the age of criminal responsibility because it is what President Rodrigo Duterte wants.

In an ambush interview with reporters, Arroyo candidly said that she supported the controversial measure because it is the will of the President.

"Because the President wants it. From the beginning I said that my agenda is the President's agenda," she said.

Under House Bill 8858, which the Committee on Justice approved on Monday, a child nine years old and below at the time of the commission of offense would be exempted from criminal liability.

Meanwhile, those above nine years old but under 18 years old would be exempted from criminal liability unless the minor acted with discernment.

Arroyo, however, is not very particular on what the minimum age of criminal responsibility should be.

"To me, whatever the Congress will eventually come up with. I dictate on deadlines, I don't dictate on substance," she said.

"Let the legislative process determine that," Arroyo added.

Currently, House Bill 8858 is undergoing the period of interpellation at the plenary.

House justice panel chair Salvador Leachon is hoping that the measure will be enacted into law before the 17th Congress ends in June this year. 



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Courtesy of Erwin Colcol KBK, GMA News

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