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Spotify ++ PREMIUM On iOS 11,10,9! NO Jailbreak_NO PC


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For iPhone users out there!! The iOS app that will save you FOREVER.

SPOTIFY PREMIUM Cracked for iOS, no premium accounts, just install and you're good to go.

What's Cracked?

Unlocked Spotify Connect
Seek forward button added to information bar (tablet mod)
Visual ads blocked
Audio ads blocked
Seeking enabled
Unlimited shuffle
Choose any song (Track Selection)
Extreme audio quality unlocked
Repeats enabled


Follow the steps

1. Go to this website using your phone's browser iinstaller.net

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error843.png  Views: 1243  Size: 144.9 KB  ID: 1228923


2. Then tap on "Install onto IDevice"
3. Popup will appear then tap on "Allow

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error588.png  Views: 577  Size: 40.5 KB  ID: 1228916


4. Next tap on "Install"

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error060.png  Views: 472  Size: 85.0 KB  ID: 1228917


5. then enter your passcode to install
6. Again tap on "Install" and then "Done"
7. Then Go to your Home screen and you should see an app called "Emus4u"
8. Then Go ahead open the app
9. From the app, in the bottom you should see the "app" go ahead and tap

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error612.png  Views: 328  Size: 61.8 KB  ID: 1228918


10. Then search for Spotify ++ then tap on install

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error683.png  Views: 353  Size: 42.7 KB  ID: 1228920


11. Then go to your home screen and wait for the app to be downloaded
12. After you should see the Spotify logo, open the app, popup will appear saying "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" , on the bottom, tap cancel
13.Go to settings, then General, then Profile & Device Management

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error588.png  Views: 500  Size: 69.6 KB  ID: 1228921


14. Then tap the Jiangso Shenzhou Xinyuan System...

Click image for larger version.   Name: vlcsnap-error660.png  Views: 545  Size: 95.3 KB  ID: 1228922


15. then tap Trust and Trust
16. Open the Spotify app then Login your account and your good to go!! Enjoy listening! :)

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