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Planetshakers is an evangelical Christian Pentecostal megachurch adult and youth movement in Melbourne, Australia. It is also the name of the church band with a number of album releases. Planetshakers Church (formerly Melbourne City Church) is a Pentecostal Christian church affiliated with Australian Christian Churches, the Assemblies of God in Australia. Formed as Australian Christian band in 1997, originally from Adelaide now based in Melbourne.[2] The church started when the band and ministry moved to Melbourne in 2004. The church is pastored by Russell and Sam Evans and has over 10,000 members. Russell Evans is the son of longtime pastor Andrew Evans.

Currently, Planetshakers has five campuses in Melbourne; City, North, North East, South East and Geelong, with an additional four international campuses in Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, and United States. Its founder, Russell Evans, declared its aims, "I believe that the church of God should be the greatest party on the planet... We're here not just to be local, we're here to be global and we can have the ability to influence the whole planet."


Phenomena (2001)
So Amazing (2001)
Reflector (2002)
Rain Down (2003)
My King (Live Praise And Worship) (2003)
Open Up The Gates (2004)
Always And Forever (2004)
All That I Want (2004)
Decade: Lift Up Your Eyes (2005)
Evermore (2005)
Arise (2006)

Praise Him (2006)
Worship Him (2006)
Pick It Up (2006)
Saviour Of The World (2007)
Never Stop (2007)

Free (2007)
All For Love (2008)
Beautiful Saviour: Acoustic Series Vol.1 (2008)
Deeper (2009)
One (2009)
Even Greater (2010)
Nothing Is Impossible (2011)
Find A Way EP (2011)
Heal Our Land (2012)
Limitless (2013)
Shout Praises Kids - Nothing Is Impossible (2013)






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