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Ano masasabi nio sa naging plot ng The Last Of Us 2?


Grabe mga naging opening scene kaso nakakabored yung part ni Abby medio malaks kasi yung character pero challenging namn tsaka binigyan ng bagong perspective ang TLOU kaya galit siguro mga player kasi sanay sila na one sided story lng ang nakikita. pero overall Graphics 10/10 Scene 10/10 saken yung plot lang medio sa pagkakawento. sa tingin nio guys? 

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In both real and reel life nothing you can get easily so is the case in this game. There are no easy rules to get through the weapons or find the upgraded version. But the better part about this game is that you can just play and get it anywhere. Isn’t that amazing? In DESTINY 2-CRIMSON exotic catalyst drops when you kill the enemies. Don’t hurry and play smoothly and kill as many enemies as you can to get this upgrade. As long as you kill a maximum number of enemies, the catalyst will drop and you will be upgraded after you unlock it. Now this question might have crossed your mind that you have killed enemies and catalyst dropped but how to unlock it now? So it is very simple, when you kill 300 of your enemies very precisely in the head or headshot kills you will see the catalyst drops and you can unlock it. I know it is time-consuming and a little hard to achieve. Once you unlock it you can enjoy the CRIMSON EXOTIC HAND CANON with a bonus. Isn’t that exciting?

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