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???Daily Ehi Update???
Date: june 9, 2020
30 days (1 month)
? |GLobE & TM | 
✓ Any promo w/ MB
✓ WNP & SNS ( 1st consume )
✓ FB`promo / FB1D
✓ GLOBE SWITCH ( 10 mb/offer )

? SUN 
✓ TU/CTC/CTU/FLP promo

✓ GiGA ( games/video )
✓ GiGA StOriES ( 1st Consume )

✓ GiGA ( games/vid)
✓ GiGA StOriES ( 1st Consume )
✓ ML10

Download here: 

This is the hidden content, please

Para ma Update ko yong Payload

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