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Welcome to this part of the forums. certain guidelines you must follow.


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Welcome to this part of the forums.

You must have 30 post to reply or create a topic in this section of the forums.

You can enjoy selling, buying, or trading at your own risk. There are certain guidelines you must follow to have a safe transaction.

Don't be a victim of scam. Buy, sell and trade wisely.

  1. Be extra cautious when the offer sounds too good to be true and/or the other party keeps pushing you to complete the transaction.
  2. Unless you fully trust the person or has verified business address, always do a meetup transaction. Otherwise, there's a 95% chance you will be scammed.
  3. Even if the seller discloses his or her personal information or bank account details, this does not guarantees he or she won't scam you.
  4. Always ask for a written or original receipt of the item you purchased. As a seller never send the item before payment arrangements have been finalized.
  5. For meetup transactions, always meet in a public place where there is security personnel like a mall, bank, or train station, and ask your friends or relatives to accompany you especially when dealing with large amounts to people you don't know.
  6. To verify the authenticity of the item and/or to prevent buying a stolen item, always request for the original receipt whenever possible.
  7. Always keep a record of your transaction in case formal investigation will be conducted later. Do not delete your text or private messages, use a voice recorder when speaking with the other party on the phone, and do not lose the delivery receipt, deposit slip or money transfer validated form.
  8. Always remember, do not be too trusting. If you have been scammed, part of the blame is on you. So don't go berserk here and spam our forums with your posts telling everyone you've been scammed.
  9. We prefer that you use forum's Private Message to communicate to ensure that you are talking to the correct person. Be aware that there are too many impersonators.
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