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How to claim Amazon rewards even if your account was locked.


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*Redemption buddy(©ml molo)
*Clean Amazon account subscribed to Amazon Prime

Q: I don't have money/credit card to subscribe in Amazon Prime even if it's free trial.
A: (See attached photos) ctto

When you have the required Amazon account, you can now proceed to Redemption Buddy.

1. Open RB, go to address bar and paste amazon link.

This is the hidden content, please

2. Go to injection icon and paste this script,


3. Login your Clean Amazon Account.

4. Go to injection icon again and paste this script,

var chupsytv= document.createElement('script');  

5. You will notice that there's something that has been added beside the "rules". Press and type your "Game ID" and "server ID" with the current drop number 6. Then voila! You now have claimed the rewards.

P.S. Pardon me if its somehow confusing or not very clear thats why I added up the most important requirement for doing this ? I forgot where did I found the scripts but I give credits to the owner.





?Try nyo kung gagana pa?

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