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2 In The Chest - Lead Jacket in a Pine Box (2019)


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2 In The Chest - Lead Jacket in a Pine Box (2019)




Artist: 2 In The Chest
Album: Lead Jacket in a Pine Box
Released: 2019
Style: Hard Rock
Format: MP3 320Kbps


01.Lead Jacket in a Pine Box 03:36
02.Black Lung 05:11
03.Future's Past 03:43
04.Fight 02:34
05.Jimmy Shuck Corn 03:03
06.Fury Lucy 04:11
07.2 In The Chest 03:12
08.Un Holyman 04:44
09.Reno Gang 02:48
10.Headless Horseman 04:33
11.Overland Express 05:01
12.Deacon Of Death 04:33
13.THE END 03:36
14.Heroes Blood




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