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arch linux themes


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SO: Arch Linux

WM: Openbox

Openbox theme: ob-portal modified

Panel: Polybar

Terminal: Urxvt

Font: Material Icons, Terminus, Operator Mono Medium

Shell: ZSH

Applications: qutebrowser, neofetch, ncmpcpp, cava


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9 minutes ago, JunePaul said:

ganda naman nyan :) thanks for sharing!

maganda talaga ang arch dahil sobrang open niya sa customization and also marame kang pwede itry pwede ka mag install ng d.e at wm

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13 minutes ago, JunePaul said:

yes ehe bigyan mo kami ng tips and tutorial para matuto din kami ng ganyan :) mukhang maganda ehe

medyo complicated itong o.s lalo na if di mo siya trinay sa virtual machine

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