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Plex Pass - TV/Movie streaming US - 1 month - need CC


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Plex Pass Features

Plex Pass is the fully-featured premium service, which has monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription options. Subscribers also gain access to new Plex features earlier than non-subscribers. Some of the most important Plex Pass features include the ability to sync and access media files on mobile for use offline, the ability to connect an antenna and tuner to watch live television, and greater user control, including parental controls.

The features you get with Plex Pass that aren't available with the free subscription include:

  • Premium music: Provides lyrics for songs you stream on Plex and is capable of generating playlists in a manner similar to
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  • Premium photos: Includes auto-tagging for your photos, and makes it easier to sort and access the photos you want. You also have the option to upload new photos from your mobile devices automatically.
  • Movie & TV extras: Allows you to watch cinematic trailers before you stream videos, just like in the theater. You also get access to extras like deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes featurettes.
  • Live TV: Requires a tuner device and an antenna to receive local HD television channels and stream these channels to your devices. It also includes a digital video recorder (DVR) feature and the ability to skip commercials in a manner similar to
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May need VPN to USA

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create a new account free
go premium
choose plan (monthly) - checkout

input any below - Promo or Gift Code
MARCH - 1 month free trial
SUMMER30DAY - 1 month free trial
GOAL2019 - 1 month free trial

or visit direct links below (then create free account)

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A credit card is required, but you can cancel automatic renewal right away
at the link below to ensure you aren't billed when the trial is over:

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