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Earn BCash by participating in certain sections of the BenLotus Community


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BenLotus offers an exciting feature for its members: when you create a valid topic on the forum, you earn BCash, which can be exchanged for real money via PayPal or GCash. Each BCash equals one Philippine Peso. A minimum of 250 BCash is required for withdrawal to Philippine Pesos or PayPal.


Here's how you can utilize BCash:

  1. Mobile Load or Money: In many countries, BCash can be exchanged for mobile load or mobile money. Let us know your country, and we can explore options like GCash, Smart, or Globe Load in the Philippines.
  2. PayPal Credits: Convert BCash to PayPal Credits using the Philippine Pesos conversion rate.
  3. BCash Shop: Use BCash in our shop. If you need specific items, request them in the public chatbox.
  4. Gamble Your BCash: Take a risk in the BCash Shop to potentially earn more or lose your BCash.


Joining is free for everyone.

Earning BCash on BenLotus:

  • Free Stuff - Giveaways: Post on BenLotus Free Stuff - Giveaways to earn 10 BCash per topic. Ensure the freebies are valid and tested. Non-working posts at the time of posting will be removed, and BCash forfeited. 

    In the free stuff giveaway section, there's a limit of 5 topic posting every 24 hours per member. This measure is in place to ensure visibility for all posts, as unrestricted posting could lead to some topics being overlooked. As our community grows, we plan to relax this restriction. Until then, please be mindful of the 5-topic daily limit in this section.


  • Forum Games: Posting in the Forum Games earns you 10 BCash.

Rules to Follow:

Main Rules: You must post in the right section.


  • Free Stuff - Giveaways: Avoid creating a similar thread if your last one hasn't received any replies. You can post a new one once someone has replied to your existing thread. Instruction how to use your freebie must be included, for example, the link or app where to use it.
  • Forum Games: Make sure to have a prize for the winner. Do not post the same game until your other game is finished.


All posts will be reviewed to ensure adherence to guidelines. Non-compliant posts will be deleted, and associated BCash forfeited. Feel free to reach out for clarifications.


How to withdraw to GCash:

To withdraw your BCash as GCash, visit the BCash shop and select the "Convert BCash to GCash" option.


This topic will be updated with any new information as it becomes available.

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