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One Switch 1.32 macOS


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One Switch 1.32 macOS

File size: 10 MB

One Switch is a tiny app designed to improve your efficiency by providing quick access to a few important switches. It can be opened from your menu bar, and it allows you to toggle certain system features with just a couple of clicks.

- Hide Desktop Icons Hide your messy desktop with one click.
- Dark Mode Toggle Dark Mode at any time.
- Keep Awake Prevent your Mac from going to sleep or displaying the screen saver.
- Screen Saver Sometimes you will like to turn it on manually.
- AirPods Connect Connect AirPods with your Mac in just a second.
- Do Not Disturb
- Night Shift One Switch is not intrusive and only lives in the menu bar of your Mac, it's also designed for macOS Mojave, perfectly in dark mode as well.

Release Notes
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.15 or later






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