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Infinite Audio Bansuri Flute (VSTI) v1.0.0 macOS


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Infinite Audio Bansuri Flute (VSTI) v1.0.0 macOS

RYZEN | 13 February 2023 | 539 MB

Infinit Audio' Presents a brand new product Bansuri Flute VSTI. we sampled a Bansuri Flute made in China to give you the best real ethnic sound. This flute truly is remarkable in everyway. we sampled 7 different articulations perfect for setting the vibe for your music production. this virtual plugin has a very simple and intuitive interface. Bansuri Flute is very low on CPU and HD Space. load the presets in just a click and start getting creative.

Bansuri Flute also comes with a simple custom collection of effects such as Cutoff Filter, Reverb, Wind, Glide, poly mono legato, Dynamics, Attack, Release.

Bansuri Flute comes with 7 HQ presets.
1. Bansuri Sustained
2. Bansuri Stacc
3. Bansuri Phrase 1
4. Bansuri Phrase 2
5. Bansuri Phrase 3
6. Bansuri Phrase 4
7. Bansuri Phrase 5

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
VST3 & 64 Bit VST Plugin for WIN & MAC
Audio Unit Plugin (AU) for MAC
Usable in all DAWs except Pro Tools
339. MB Download File Size PC + Mac





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