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Real Lifetime Netflix Subscription

You don't subscribe to NETFLIX, you Subscribe to US, which will provide you Lifetime Access to Netflix.

If someone tell you the accounts are lifetime, don't be fooled by this. No Netflix accounts are lifetime (too easy, just check their site, do they offer lifetime?). Only subscription list from us can be lifetime. We are called "LifetimeStream"

Quality of Service backed up by over 7 years of members and service.
Accounts are not hacked, they are made by our team using our own email.
You always have access to Netflix because you have Multiple accounts at Once.
Automatically Received New Accounts Updates and about our service every month.
We currently have more than 500 members

What do you need in order to join:

An Email Address - We updates here every month about our service, including new accounts

All of our Netflix Accounts Are 4K Ultra HD

1000php to join for life. Never thought about buying another Netflix account again.

Payment method:
PayPal/ Smart Money/ Gcash /

Accounts are not for resale. If we caught you reselling the accounts, you'll be removed from the subscription list.
Since we are the true owner of the account, you are not allowed to change the password.
If you happened to change the password, it will be reset back to the default one automatically since we have a big team to do this.

Feel Free to ask any question about this subscription on this thread.

Paki Reply nalng po kung interest kayo sumali. Nandito din po sa forums yung subscription access po sa ibaba ng forums:

Or ito: http://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/forum/27-lifetimestream/&passForm=1

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