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Native Instruments Kontakt 7 v7.1.3 (Mac OS X)


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Native Instruments Kontakt 7 v7.1.3 (Mac OS X)
MORiA | December, 14 2022 | STANDALONE | AUi | VST3i | 799 MB

KONTAKT 7 is everything from instant inspiration for music makers to the industry's leading instrument-building tool. For the seventh generation of KONTAKT, we're bringing its 20-year legacy into the future. Find sounds easily with a new resizable browser. Explore new musical ideas and find fresh inspiration with an overhauled Factory Library, newly added effects, and under-the-hood audio improvements.

Whats new in this version
Version 7.1.3 2022-12-14
7.1.3 _ 2022-12-12
• New filters, purge all instances, browser features, KSP commands, bug fixes.
• ADDED Purge all instances when Kontakt 7 is running as a plug-in
• ADDED 6 pole state variable (SV) filters
• ADDED Tone Machine and Time Machine 1 Smooth parameter modulation
• ADDED Reveal sample location via Mapping Editor edit menu and Wave Editor command menu (cog)
• IMPROVED Maximum number of host automation slots increased to 1024
• IMPROVED Flex envelope slope can now be modulated for the first 8 segments, and includes Loop and Oneshot parameters
• IMPROVED Online KSP documentation can be directly accessed through the help menu
• FIXED Right click to open Quick-Load not working
• FIXED DAW key commands intercepted by Kontakt when running as a plug-in
• FIXED Notes would auto repeat when holding a key when using QWERTY as virtual keyboard
• FIXED Temporarily black performance view when loading Kontakt Factory Library 2 instruments
• FIXED Plug-in window would not re-open after being closed in Renoise with Kontakt VST3
• FIXED Crash using Quick-Load with a large number of entries. Number of visible entries has been reduced to 5000 as a consequence
• FIXED Voices would hang with certain effects placed post amp
• FIXED Time Machine Pro Legato would get out of sync when playing loops
• FIXED Cabinet effect in Output section would cut off the sound
• FIXED Excessive smoothing on group Tune parameter in wavetable mode
• FIXED "Restore loops from samples" option in Wave Editor not working when using the same sample repeatedly
• FIXED Auto-mapping using the "Make group name" token did not work properly
• FIXED Pasting a group without samples would paste with samples, and pasting groups with samples was not refreshing the Mapping Editor
• FIXED Loops 2-8 were not working in MP60, S1200 and TMPro modes
• ADDED Presets list now displays and sorts Instruments, Multis and Snapshots by their file type
• ADDED Reset Browser filter state
• ADDED Import multiple Custom Libraries in bulk
• ADDED Customize name of imported Custom Libraries (using the Alias field)
• ADDED Error messages for failed Library import
• IMPROVED Tooltips display full text for Import Dialogue Folder path and Alias field, as well as Library tiles, in case when the text was truncated
• FIXED Resized components are now correctly displayed when the Preset list is dragged horizontally
• ADDED Convolution Auto Gain can now be accessed via KSP with $ENGINE_PAR_IRC_AUTO_GAIN
• ADDED Time Machine Legato button can now be accessed via KSP with $ENGINE_PAR_TM_LEGATO
• ADDED get_zone_id() translates the zone index to the zone ID
• ADDED XY Pad cursor values can now be set and retrieved with set_control_par_real_arr() and get_control_par_real_arr()
• ADDED New commands get_group_idx() , get_mod_idx(), get_target_idx(), deprecating the usage of find_group(), find_mod() and find_target(). These commands return $NI_NOT_FOUND when the queried object is not found
• ADDED Additional math functions and logic commands: cbrt(), log2(), log10(), exp2(), signbit(), sgn(), bitwise .xor., boolean xor
• ADDED Zone BPM can now be set and retrieved with $ZONE_PAR_BPM zone parameter
• ADDED Zone sample rate can now be retrieved with $ZONE_PAR_SAMPLE_RATE zone parameter
• ADDED Zone state can now be determined with get_zone_status() command which returns $NI_ZONE_STATUS_EMPTY, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_LOADED, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_PURGED, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_IGNORED and deprecates the usage of is_zone_empty()
• IMPROVED From Script modulator can now have its value set without internal range clamping by using $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_EX_ID
• IMPROVED Zone parameters can now be set with KSP for all zones when using snapshot modes 2 and 3
• IMPROVED Modulo operation now also works with real numbers
• IMPROVED Added real() and int() value conversion commands, deprecating int_to_real() and real_to_int()
• IMPROVED Zone settings were not taken into account when using change_vol and change_pan, introduced mode 2
• FIXED Crash with output_channel_name() when channel count is zero
• FIXED Incorrect warning messages were displayed for any zone related commands
• FIXED $MARK_28 is no longer used by the internal sustain pedal script

System Requirements
OSX 10.15 or higher

Link Download

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Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
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