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CPUBalance incl activator

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CPUBalance - a program from the developers of the famous Process Lasso , it was created in order to "restrain" running system processes, which means that the software will decide which processes need to lower the priority, which should help you avoid high CPU loads, which in turn leads to freezes or even errors. So, if you have a weak system, this development should be relevant, plus if you have a multi-core processor, then you can significantly improve the response of the system.
The application uses a proprietary technology called ProBalance in its work, it allows not only monitoring, but also prevents the launch of processes. Able to work not only offline, but in conjunction with the program about which he wrote above. Among the chips, one can note the ability to specify which processes should be excluded, which ones to change the binding to the cores, of course, do not forget about the detailed logs. As you can see from the screenshots, Russian support is present, the utility itself does not take up much space. works well, I haven't noticed any problems. Below, I specially made a detailed screenshot with the parameters, so that you can clearly see what you can configure, thanks for your attention!

To summarize:
The software has the ProBalance algorithm, which is able to maintain system responsiveness under high CPU load. 
Users can view detailed information about the actions performed by the application, which includes the name of the process, the time the action took place, the user and computer name, and a number of other details. 
Note that this is possible by examining the log file, which can be saved as a CSV file for later use.



How to download:





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