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Purchase Items Straight From Amazon For Free! [Not Refund] [NEW]


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it shows how to buy anything from amazon for free, don't know how long is this gonna last so sharing while it works.
It's totally new, not an old refund method, actually I've never seen this one before.






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It is risky to send payment via Bitcoin.

It is a scam...


The scammer created this website purse.io and pretended to make a tutorial how to get Things from Amazon for free , and then ask you to send Bitcoin to his address.


Be careful.


A reputable company should use a .com domain which it can be found on

This is the hidden content, please


I can't even find purse.io on it.



And now their partner site is

This is the hidden content, please

Nice try, they can't even use a different domain and still using .io lol ?

Same as the above site, it can't even be found on ICANN Lookup





Bcoin.io and purse.io is related.








Sorry @Sandy but I have to close this topic and remove the link. But still I won't hide it so other can search this topic on google to find out this method is a scam. This is not your fault.




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