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Smart AudioBook Player v7.7.9 (Full) (Modded)


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The app is designed specially for playing audio books.


Assumed that you have audiobooks and already copied them to your phone.

First 30 days Full version. Later - Basic version.



+ Chromecast support.

+ Playback speed control.

+ Classification of books (new started finished).

+ Download cover from the Internet.

+ List of characters. You can manually create a list of characters to easier follow the story.

+ Automatic pause in case you fall asleep. To continue playback just shake your phone.

+ Playback history.

+ Application Widget. Allows you to control the player from the home screen.

+ By specifying a root folder containing all your audiobook you can exclude your folders which contains music and other audio files.

+ You don't have to finish one book to start another. The progress is saved independently for all books.



To purchase (restore after reinstalling) full version press:

menu--Help--Version tab

Phone must be connected to the Internet.

Full version cost is $2.


Many thanks to people who left comments and suggestions.

If you have something that doesn't work please write an email instead of leaving a comment.


Version for Android 4.4 - 5.1:

This is the hidden content, please


Version for Android 4.1 - 4.3:

This is the hidden content, please


Version with old icon:

This is the hidden content, please




What's New in v7.7.9 (Full) (Modded):

+ Fixed issue when cover on the widget wasn't updated when book was changed.


+ Added 5 seconds rewind for Bluetooth headset control:

menu--Settings--Full version settings--Bluetooth headset control.


+ Added Sleep timer event to Playback history in:


It should be easier to find the last place in the book that you still remember.


+ Long press on Big rewind or Big fast forward button makes very big rewind (x10).





● Full Version Unlocked

● Analytics Removed

● Compression Flags Untouched

● No Third Party Patch

● All Supported Processor Architectures






— Download Links:


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Last Updated: Sunday, April 11, 2021
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