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BenLotus BCash Games Extension

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We launched an extension to BenLotus called "BCash Games"

You are allow to buy-in BCash to play our games. If you win, you can cash-out and take your profit with you.


The minimum Cash-in is 30 BCash.

(1Gcash = 1Bcash)


You can check out the BCash Game extension at: 

This is the hidden content, please

You need to create a new account there because we use a different database. As of right now we can't integrate a game engine with a community board engine.


We are adding the following games in this order:

1. Baccarat (already live)

2. Blackjack (already live)

3. Roulette  (already live)
4. Sic Bo (already live)

5. Multiplayer Blackjack (Currently fixing bugs)

6. Animal Slots


More coming soon...


If you have BenLotus BCash, you can transfer between BCash and BCash Games without any fees.


Example Blackjack Game.


Reply to this topic if you have any question.

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