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Daily 100BCash # 8


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1 minute ago, Bea said:

How po? Diko talaga alam to hahahahaScreenshot_2021-04-05-20-18-41-11_218088b5c272a94e8d8e619dd6726105.thumb.jpg.ef6d19cd5caa6821c5f65c3e408ca4fd.jpg


Nagtaya ka po ba ?

1 minute ago, Tzuyu said:

Si Kyo na yan HAHAHAHA pabalato na lang din ako


2 minutes ago, Kageyama said:

@Tzuyu @Kyo waiting sa mananalo HAHAAHA

Checking pa hahaha

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8 minutes ago, YunBi said:

I won!


Amount won: 100 



This message is posted automatically by our Lottery system if the player have at least 3 matches.



Uwaah! hahahahaha perstaym tenkyu beri much ?

Congrats ate sanaol haha, send balato jok :D


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