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Netflix Shared Account - 50 Pesos Per Month - Accept GCash or PayPal Only

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  • 50 Pesos GCash per 30 days per slot.
  • You may pay for multiple months ahead.
  • Once you are subscribed to shared Netflix subscription, your name will be listed here and your Benlotus Member Group will change to Temp LS Member
  • You will only be in Temp LS Member if you have at least 25 days left in your membership.


Once you're a Temp LS Member, use the PUBLIC CHATBOX and type /MonthlyNetflix (case does not matter)

The Public Chatbox is located at our forums's homepage: https://forums.benlotus.com


For example:




@k_bot will send you a private chat message with the details of your Netflix group for the current month. Each account you request will last between 28-32 days.


k_bot is programmed to only send you an active account in a period of time. You may not request multiple account at once. K_bot will instruct you to contact @JiroDavid if it already sent you an account. If the account doesn't work, let me know so I can allow you to request a newer account.


The bot is programmed to send one account to 5 members, so the same rules must apply. These rules are:

  • Do not change the password
  • Do not change the email
  • Do not share the account to anyone, except to family members that live in the same house as you.


Members who can use K_bot to request Netflix anytime. You will be in Temp LS Member if you have more than 20 days in your membership.

@jezzz - Subscription Until April 30

@Lyndon - Subscription Until May 1

@Epicurean - Subscription Until May 2

@MrCKM - Subscription Until May 1

@akosijhacob - Subscription Until April 15

@Tether 1 - Subscription Until March 30

@mixmaster23 - Subscription Until April 1

@Tether 2 - Subscription Until March 30

@nicola - Subscription Until April 3

@mandm028 Subscription Until May 10

@Pawnage Subscription Until March 12

@Jmariel Subscription Until April 12

@Copyright Subscription Until May 18

@Gweny30 Subscription Until June 5

@marv__2015 Subscription Until April 22

@PHC-CutiE_SaiyaN Subscription Until March 22

@Sparrow Subscription Until March 23

@Seffu Subscription Until April 4


Members who can't use K_bot because you have less than 25 days in your membership. If your Netflix has problems, please contact me.

@Cybeat Subscription Until March 6

@Jinhwa - Subscription Until March 2

@Julia0o8 - Subscription Until March 1

@eipeng - Subscription Until March 2

@kbsjc012 - Subscription Until May 2

@pandakoykoy Subscription Until March 5

@SigbinKiAt Subscription Until March 6

@Rhea Subscription Until March 8

@johnmeeeeel Subscription Until March 13

@Shanice Subscription Until March 13

@Kujea Subscription Until March 16

@Eleven Subscription Until March 16







@Tin - Until Subscription February 21

@ZoraIdeale Subscription Until Feb 21

@GmPogi - Subscription Until February 28



You can also get free Netflix by joining our forum games available at Free Stuff Giveaway

You can also get Unlimited Free Netflix slots at BenLotus if you reached 10,000 forums content by July 2021, you will be added to LifetimeStream Group. Otherwise, you can donate $20.00 or 1000Php Gcash in order to be added to a LifetimeStreamer Group. Once you're in a LifetimeStreamer group, you can always request for Netflix every month as long as we run our service.






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On 1/25/2021 at 4:09 PM, Dolomite said:

Add me sir, pano yun sir thru load ako nagrerenew, wala po kasi akong gcash, thanks po.


Hello, gcash lang po kasi di po ako from Philippines kaya baka mag expired. - Pwede ka po ba mag request ng gcash or pa send ng gcash sa friend.

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Hala!!! sir JiroDavid lang SAKALAM!!! grabihhh eto na pinakamagandang offer na nakita kooo wah!!! sayang langggg walang may gcash gcash sa pamilya kooo wahhhh!!! SOMEDAYY nalangg hihihi sanaaa magpatuloy tong content mo lods!!! goodluck and God bless poooo hihi

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2 minutes ago, Julia0o8 said:

sir, mag-renew po ako 1month shared po


3 hours ago, bebeluvniKia said:

Asan po si ate mae? Nakaka-miss sya. Btw, nag-expire na po yung akin nung 27

Same rate pa rin po ba ang solo at shared account?



Shared lang po.

50 Pesos. wala akong solo ngayon.

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