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    NO QUIZ JUST COMMENT AND LEAVE A REACTION WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED. ONCE LOGIN, PLEASE DON'T LOG OUT YOUR NETFLIX. ISANG HEART REACTION NAMAN DYAN MGA TOL. UPDATED PASSWORD AS OF 7/8/2020 1:45PM NETFLIX SHARED ACCOUNT 1 NETFLIX SHARED ACCOUNT 2 NETFLIX SHARED ACCOUNT 3 NETFLIX SHARED ACCOUNT 4 NETFLIX SHARED ACCOUNT 5 (dead) Please read the rules! RULES! 1. Strictly, don't change the password and put a pin, remember this is a shared accounts. 2. Comment po kayo pagmay nagchange ng password, para irecover natin.Please kung ako sayo wag ng pasaway, wag mo ng ichange password at wag mo ng lagyan ng pin, marerecover lang naman once reported. GODBLESS!
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    #2 NETFLIX GIVEAWAY x5 Profiles(WINNERS) [ CLOSED ] --------------------------LIKE THE POST----------------------------- READ RULES: LAST HINT: Number is in Between 80-100 I will choose 5 Winners and they will be allowed to use Netflix Premium account You can try again once I quoted you. BEST OF LUCK! LIST OF WINNERS 1 @MSR333 2 @mechell9 3 @Ephraim 4 @parasite 5 @Ratul
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    Please be reminded, HINDI PO ITO PAGALINGAN O PATALINOHAN, kundi diskarte! Kung madiskarte ka mananalo ka, join na. These are the rules: 1. Anyone can join. 2. Cheating is allowed. 3. You can rely on internet or through help with your friends, teachers, co-worker or etc. 4. You can post this problem on your facebook, twitter, instagram. 5. You can copy someones answer for you to win the 2nd winner . 6. You can try again until the quizzer mark your previous answer as wrong and told you to do so. TOPIC: SCIENCE Level of difficulty : HARD TIME LIMIT: TILL 2 WINNERS HERE IS THE PROBLEM. At what minimum speed, in m/s, should you travel so that you feel that you are traveling faster than the speed of light? Note that: ASSUMPTION: 1. YOU ARE SUPERMAN. ANSWER IS IN BETWEEN 200,000,000 TO 250,000,000 m/s WINNERS: 1. @K4anubhav 2. @CathG GODBLESS!
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    Goooood evening mga ka-BEN! Dahil ako ay masaya,, as in masayang masaya.. magbibigay ako ng PREMIUM NETFLIX ACCOUNT NA ULTRA HD! SOLONG SOLO mu ang account pag ikaw ang mapili! I change pass kaagad pagkatanggap mu! Pwede mung i share sa iyong family! Pwede mung ipasabit sa iba wag lang sa kabit! Iyong iyo na ang account na mapapanalunan mu! Up to FIVE (5) WINNING ENTRIES ang aking pipiliin! Syempre depende sa inyung isasagot! DECLARATION OF WINNERS! Thank you po sa lahat na nag join dito sa game! Narito na po ang mga napiling mananalo. Dahil marami po ang magandang sagot, umabot po sa 8 winners ang aking napili! WALO po na SOLO account ng NETFLIX ULTRA HD ang ipamimigay ngayun! Syempre po - Netflix Factory - ONLY IN BENLOTUS! Winner 1 Winner 2 Winner 3 Winner 4 Winner 5 Winner 6 Winner 7 Winner 8 Congratulations to All! Please PM me for your credentials!. Thank you! Abangan ang susunod kong palaro! Up to 10 Netflix SOLO Account na ULTRA HD pa rin!
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    Done na toh Game Rules: IMPORTANT! Please Read Before Posting! The Game is very simple and fun and exciting where players of all backgrounds, ages, and groups can talk about the game. The following rules will make your experience here more enjoyable. Winning prize is 150 Pesos, Please read them before posting! In order to join the game, you must hit "thank" icon and follow the Game Rules. Kindly keep in mind that the Game Master have the right to update these rules when needed, and you must continue to follow additional rules. Please make sure to review these rules from time to time. 1. Be respectful to forum Admins and Moderators. They work hard to give you the best game and forum experience. Rudeness and insulting or abusive posts towards our Admins and/or Moderators will not be tolerated in any form. 2. Admins have the final say on all matters. Discussion of Admins’ and Moderators’ actions is not allowed. Public discussion of any disciplinary actions taken by Admins or Moderators can result in a ban. Disciplinary actions can include banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts/threads/toxic forum users’ accounts, etc. 3. Be respectful to other users. It is strictly prohibited to name and shame other players, as well as insult them or their views. Politics and religion are not to be discussed on our forum even in the Lounge section. 4. Read and answer these questions: a. What is the capital city of North Korea? b. Where did Bluetooth name came from? c. Who is the creator of this forum? d. Can you give me 3 yellow Pokemons. e. Who invented the telephone? First person answer this wins?? 5. Don’t answer to any questions above. 6. Before answering please make sure that you hit "thanks" only or your not qualified to join, please use the forum search button and find my first forum thread and post the address here. This will teach us how to use search function of this forum. 7. Please do not create another account here, double account is prohibited. If you have additional questions or would like to express your opinion, everyone is welcome to contact us. Otherwise, your account might be deleted by the forum Admins or Moderators. 8. Please answer this question: What is your religion and did you go to church every Sunday? 9. Do not disclose any personal information, e.g. real names, email addresses, etc. Keep any messages from forum users, Admins, and Moderators or Customer Support Agents private. Protect your privacy and the privacy of other users. 10. Keep in mind that this is a game, However, some of you might not notice this. 11. Do not edit your answers! 12. Who is the best President for you and explain why? 13. We respect and appreciate all of our members. However, in order to answer you must consider posting your answer in English. You may use an online translator for that. 14. All the game rules must be apply. 15. Always report posts that are in violation of forum rules or contain questionable content. Very important to read and follow the rules. Users who violate the rules above will lose this game, and please answer this: Anung nauna itlog o manok? Walang tamang sagot basta madefend mo lang ung sagot mo. Game Master have the right to close the game at any time. You can only comment once. I also don't know the answer in the equation 2+5=?, Please answer in words. No winner ulit for today!!! As of now 200php na ang prize pool ng Game ko expect more twist and expect na mas mahirap... si @D4rk_c0d3r at @Regina sana malalapit ang sagot kaso di nila binasa ung rule no 3 ko! Religion and Politics not to discuss hahahaha... dapat ang answer lang ay: 1. hit "thanks" 2. 1st thread ko 3. itlog or manok english dapat (egg or chicken) it doesn't matter kung anung explaination nyo hahaha 4. Seven if you follow the rules one by one makukuha nyo ung answer... Ginawa kong pahabain ung text kase most of us pag long text dina binabasa... At madami talaga ang hindi nagbabasa hahahaha... wait nyo nalang next game ko...
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    Naglatag ako noon ng youtube premium dito pero yung iba 'di naaccept kung sino ka man 'di na kita iinbayt.. 25 lang muna ulit ang iaaccomodate ko baka 'di ulit iaccept . Please do support me by reacting in this blog hahaha juk. Pareact po para ganahan ulit gumawa. Drop your gmail here at ako na po magaadd sa inyo thru invitation. No minimum number of content needed. Note: PH accounts only. If invitation is not accepted within 12 hours, cancelled agad. sharawt narin sa Benlotus!
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    I can play music and browse, I can access public chat instantly. Screen_Recording_20200621-010002_BenLotus.mp4
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    Many people/members asked me how BenLotus can get so many netflix? What is the method? This is a revealed. But you might be disappointed. Recently, I can't make any more Netflix because there is a problem with the issuer. We have total of 120 credit cards/debit cards/ bank cards. Replaced them every week. After we use them, we just replaced them to get a new card number! Duration of Replacement: 2-3 Days! Cost: FREE.
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    Registering on this forums is free. Unlike other forums, we tried to limit the rules of this forums as possible, but at the same time, you should feel safe here. 1. Post in the correct category. Read description of category. 2. No racism/sexism. No personal attacks. 3. No posting of personal details by persons other than the person itself or without prior and explicit permission. 4. No complete derailing of threads. Avoid random post that is out of topic. 5. Links that redirects you to excessive ads are not allowed. Link with ads are ok as long as the contents are seen in first clicked from BenLotus. 6. Do not impersonate other member in the forums. Do not make two accounts. 7. Search first before posting. What you look for might already have a thread for it. 8. Do not post comment like " um, am, uh, huh, . a and any like conversational fillers ONLY. Smiley (ex. , ) or character abuse (ex.hhhhhh,hmmm,aaaa, ........... ) or spamming "thanks" in every topic is not allowed. or copy and pasting the same content to every topic is considered spamming. 9. Carding topics are strictly prohibited. Cracking account in BenLotus is not allowed. We have violation point system in BenLotus. This will apply to your account if you violate any of the rules above. 1 Point - Just a warning, nothing will happen to your account. 2 Points - Your content will be moderated for 24 hours. It will not show up until staff members approved it. 3 Points - You are restricted from making any further post/content for 24 hours. 4 Points - You will be suspended from BenLotus for 24 hours. 5. Points - You will be permanently banned from BenLotus.
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    I want to shoutout to all members of ***Lotus chat group! Shout out to @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] and of course everyone, di ko kayo ma-tag lahat and everyone else who helped BenLotus University. (Forums) Salamat din sa mga gumagawa ng games sa Freestuff Give Away Section. Dahil sa inyo, nakapag invite tayo ng maraming members. This topic ang mga new members natin. Bawat isa sa kanila ay may sariling profile slot na galing sa inyo. Sunod sunod na sila mag join dito. Gumamit kami ni @Maximus at @ArKei ng invitation Method sa Facebook Group na kailangan may code bago bigyan ng Netflix para walang double account. Itong topic ang tinutukoy namin na para sa new members natin.
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    #3 NETFLIX GIVEAWAY x4 Profiles(WINNERS) Account SPONSOR - @Izanami-no-mikoto Pick a number between 10-50 EASY GAME------------------Give Me A Like----------------------Support Us------------------------------------Give Me A Like-------------------------- 4 Winners shall be picked up Rules: Comment a single number at a time You can try again after I quoted you Name of the Winners: 1 @yedda_0522 2 @NINAD 3 @sheyra09 4 @dwigtx
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    Bago tayo magsimula. Pa react namn post ko sa baba. SALAMAT Bawal po ang may solo account na ha. Uulitin ko Bawal ang may solo account. Guess that pokemon. Game Sino si X sa huli. Around 01:27 am ko yan na screenshot. Comment down below kung sino yan. Clue : Sa profile nia meron nkasulat na We're under the same stars. Pwede kayo mag comment nang pa ulit2x basta nagsabi na ako na mali. Godbless
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    Plans. We can use webview with 4 active tabs. Just imagine it's like google chrome with 4 active open tabs. Always. Each Tab is active. =======Tab 1 (Primary)======= Forums --> https://forums.benlotus.com// Message --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/messenger/ Activity --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/discover/ Who's Online --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/online/ Clubs --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/clubs/ Gallery --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/gallery/ Blog --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/blogs/ Custom URL: The User can enter. =======Tab 2 (Secondary)======= Forums --> https://forums.benlotus.com// Message --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/messenger/ Activity --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/discover/ Who's Online --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/online/ Clubs --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/clubs/ Gallery --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/gallery/ Blog --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/blogs/ Custom URL: The User can enter. =======Tab 3 (CHAT)======= Chatbox --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/chatbox/room/1-benlotus-public-chat/&full=1 =======Tab 4 (MusicBox)======= MusicBox --> https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/musicbox/ For Tab Group 1 and Tab Group 2, the user can set HOMEPAGE using setting. HOMEPAGE choices are (Forums, Message, Activity, Who's Online, Clubs, Gallery, Blog) or enter a custom URL. For example, if user set in the setting HOMEPAGE for Tab 1 is Gallery, then every time the user click HOME on Tab 1, user will go back to Gallery. Another example, if user set in the in the setting HOMEPAGE for Tab 2 is Forums, then when user click Home in Tab 2, user will go to Forums. For Tab 3 and Tab 4, user can't set HOMEPAGE, TAB 3 = ALWAYS CHATBOX. TAB 4 = ALWAYS MUSIC BOX. WHEN THE APP START All 4 pages on each TAB load in the background automatically. SWIPING LEFT AND RIGHT ON THE SCREEN When the user swipe Left or Right on the screen, it change TAB GROUP. (which is already active, no need to load). For example, I am on Tab 2 right now, then I swipe LEFT, then I will be on TAB 3 (Which is already loaded) The same as on google chrome changing tab, but with SWIPE. GRAB CURRENT PAGE URL (COPY THE CURRENT PAGE URL) The user can click on a button to see the current URL of the page, or maybe a place to see the URL (Like GOOGLE CHROME ADDRESS BAR) PAGE LOAD The user don't see a whitescreen with loading bar. The user see page load fade in and out. Additional Feature: Because all the tabs are active, there is no loading to switch tab by swiping. Music player can still play while on another tab, and also when the app is minimized. The app maintain browser cookies, until cleared. Closing the app totally (from the recent app list) will reset all the page back to their homepage. Scrennshot:
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    If you are a Netflix collector in BenLotus, you will be banned. Netflix are given for personal use only. You can have 1 Netflix Group and 1 Solo Account from games. Not 2 Solos, not 2 groups.
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    Hello Our app just published in the Playstore. We will be working on the ios soon. Obviously, this is our first official version, and expect more fix soon and more features will be added. Just relax. No need to worry. Later we will add more features. Link to app in the Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.benlotus.app If you have any question on how to use this app, you may ask here. Some tips and trick. After you logged in to your BenLotus account, you must refresh the pages so the public chat will show up. Because BenLotus Member Chat notification sound currently has a bug, (even it's turned off the sound still goes). You can turn off this sound for now by closing the app in the "recent app" - This problem is on the site itself, and it's not with the app. On the next site update we will fix this sound bug.
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    Bago tayo magsimula. Pa react muna sa post ko sa baba. Salamat Bawal may solo account na ha. Bawal ang may solo account na. G A M E Hulaan nio kung sino ang laman nang nasa pokeball. May list ako at may napili na rin ako. Two comment lang ha per account. Pili lang kayo. Babalik ako mamaya para e check yan. BENLOTUS
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    Only in BenLotus has this much Netflix For Free! All of other forums only have cr4ck account or they will ask you to pay! First, you need to 30 contents in order to join this game. Please read this topic to know how to get more contents: To get a Netflix Slot, you have to complete the word from the provided clue. Whoever provided the correct answer first will win. The words are in English. Rules: You can only answer one question at a time, until I marked you wrong, then you can answer again. But usually, if your words make sense, then you win because there are multiple answer. You can not join this game if you already have NETFLIX from other BenLotus Games. The answer format would be: 1. Answer acceleration @RdxSonu group65 trigonometry @Wined communicator @navi group 65 refrigerator @CourageousMAN group 65 supernatural @JuicyJames group 65 constitution @Tod2440 group 65 reproduction @brightvc Mae's Group intellectual @Juandcph group 66 encyclopedia @ManuelDF2398 Group 67 transmission @mandm028 group 66 a_t_o_o_i_al registration @nathaniel intersection @kagura group 66 heartbreaker @lnzlrnc group 66 conditioning @Yassine group 66 effortlessly @vcutzko group 64 coordination @seoxiu Group 67 subscondious @izfis00 Group 67 relationship @gatas008 group 64 interception @johnmeeeeel Group 67 championship @Ryeder1986 Mae's Group civilization @PhantomRhythm group 64 velociraptor @Mr_Mob101 Professional @kartik632 Mae's Group expectations @Deyniel06 group 64 construction @KdramaL Mae's Group recollection @akosibonggo thunderstorm @mokong Group 67 cancellation @Vulture Mae's Group introduction @jasyurico8 group 64 Accounts sponsored by: @pR1s0n3r @[email protected]
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    Hello Gusto ko lang gawin itong discussion kung anong gusto nyong games. Para magkaidea kami sa future, pero hindi lahat ng suggestion i-take namin. Total Spending for the whole month of JUNE for BenLotto is 6530 Php in Load and Gcash. According yan sa record sheet ko. Naka record lahat kaya pinapasend ko sa inyo ang entry. Highest winning is 300Php Gcash. 4 Matches - Pero sino kaya to? Ang lowest winning day natin is June 21, which is no one wins. At meron din tayong isang Mystery Winner na kung kailan siya nanalo sa BenLotto, never niya tinatangap ang winning niya, Binigay niya ito kay @Neeeegs @ArKei @chrishyy at @Regina Si @ArKei talaga ang nag send ng LOAD para sa inyo
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    Grabe. iniibigkita.mp4
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    Hello This is a Netflix Group Registration for BenLotus Members. This is for Group 56,57,58 Requirements: You need to have at least 40 contents in BenLotus! You must not have an active Netflix group from BenLotus. How to increase contents: Post new topic (useful contents only) Reply to topics answering other member's question. Post new songs in the musicbox. If you are spamming in BenLotus, you will be restricted from posting for several days. Do not reply with 1 word. Once you are eligible, answer this entrance game by sending me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. Clue: The answer is in English. 10 = i Group 56 1. @Ward27 2. @luisalexgr 3. @rageme08 4. @celeritas0725 5. @JeffreedoM Group 57 6. @Flique 7. @Aviatrix 8. Private 9. Private 10. @retnuh Group 58 11. @Ryl 12. @greizz08 13. @majorbaluga 14. 15.
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    Hello po sa inyung lahat mga ka-BEN! Nahihirapan ka ba sa kakahanap ng NETFLIX Account para maka sabit? Palagi ka bang talo sa mga palaro kung kaya ay wala kang netflix? Sira ba ang inyung TV o di kayay mas gusto mu manood ng Netflix sa iyong android phone? Ito na ang hinihintay ninyu!
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    Hello For new members, this is how you can increase your content. First of all, click or hover the mouse on your own avatar to see your content. You can see that my current content is 346. To increase content count you can do one of the following. You don't have to do everything. Reply to a topic - This is the fastest way to increase your content. When you comment a topic, that is 1 content point. Avoid spamming because a staff member will give you a warning if it matches with the spamming guidelines. Upload a song - You can go to the musicbox and upload a song. The link is here: https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/musicbox/songs/ Make a new member introduction topic - You can create a topic to introduce yourself here: https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/forum/7-new-members-introduction/ Post useful topics - You can post any useful topic. That is one content count, but when other members reply to your topic, you can respond to them, which will increase more content counts. Upload an image in the gallery section - You can share images in the gallery section. Each image is 1 content count. The gallery section is located here: https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/gallery/ Basically, if you are active here and interact with the site, your content will increase by itself. If you have any question, feel free to reply to this topic. Wow, now I got 1 content, but if you have a question, and I reply to you, then I got more contents. Why do we need to increase content in order to join forums activities? Many games in BenLotus required you to have a minimum number of content to prevent cheating. Some guessing game such as raffles, allows members to guess only 1 time or with a time limit before they can answer again. But some members try to make new account so they can answer again, which is not really easy because you have to increase your content first before you can join. Increasing content prevent leeching. Every member in BenLotus usually share another member something. That's how we make this site useful for everyone including the member host the game.
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    Hello, FREE LOAD (SMART/SUN/GLOBE/TM) This is a benefit of being an active member in BenLotus. @Epic Member 50 Pesos Load Per Week. @Forum Adept 60 Pesos Load Per Week @Forum Guru 80 Pesos Load Per Week @Forum Master 100 Pesos Load Per Week @Moderator 100 Pesos Load Per Week LifetimeStreamer member will be based on their content counts. Scheduled days to claimed your load: *Once claimed, I will put your name here. July 7 @Cosmic @HELLOKITTY @PIKACHU @ANONYMOUSPH @Harold July 13 @Cosmic July 21 July 28 August 4 August 11 August 18 August 25 August 31 To claim your load, you must PM me quoting this topic, and your phone number. To increase your content, read the following topics:
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    Check this out guys, an awesome trick and don't forget to like/react and Let me know guys , what other tricks you want
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    Netflix GIVEAWAY X5 Winners Netflix Premium Account [ CLOSED ] ------------LIKE THE POST-------------- SIMPLE GAME: Let's make the game more Easier ------------LIKE THE POST-------------- Choose Number in Between 50-100 I will choose 5 Winners and they will be allowed to use Netflix Premium account You can try again once I quoted you. BEST OF LUCK! LIST OF WINNERS 1. @Mawsi 2 @Fire_Candy 3 @james23 4 @papapokeso 5 @Jmlapera
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    TOPIC: GUESS MY FAVORITE NBA PLAYER Level of difficulty : MODERATE TIME LIMIT: UNLIMITED TILL 3 WINNERS. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: ONE OF MY FAVORITE SPORT IS BASKETBALL AND I LOVE WATCHING NBA GAMES. NOW, GUESS WHO IS MY FAVORITE NBA PLAYER AMONG AS SHOWN BELOW? Please read the rules! RULES! 1. Anyone can join! 2. Don't put a question mark on your answer like "Michael Jordan? " , don't do this. 3. You can only answer once. If you have many answers, you will be disqualified. 4. The FIRST 3 persons who got the correct answers will be the winners. 5. I will send the account to the winners via private message. YOU CAN CHANGE THE PASSWORD SA MANANALO! 6. For the winners, PM your number on my Private message to receive the free 30 pesos load each. (3x) BONUS: REACT AND COMMENT FOR FREE HEART REACTION ❤❤. GODBLESS!
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    Hello BenLotus Members Lately, we have developed an app for BenLotus. This is our first time attempting to make an android application for a website. We have to admit we are not expertise in this area of programming and coding. This is also a first time experience for Dan. But we are also taking advantage of this experience because it helped us to learn more. The BenLotus app that we provided to some members to test is not perfect. It only contains the idea of what we want our official app to be look like. We've done so much research and look into other Android app's source code in order to apply it in our BenLotus App. However, we also mistakenly copied the source code for the ads from other apps for some useful functions, that cause our own BenLotus App to have some ads. I sincerely apologize if you have seen any ads during the testing of our first test app. It is one of the reason we did not want everyone to test it because it is not stable. Reassured the official version of our app will not have any ads. Currently, we partnered up with some experts on this field outside of BenLotus to develop the best app we can. We are not the top ranking engineer working for Facebook. (At least Facebook have about 1000 Engineers. We are only two brothers ). We apologize for the delay. We are trying our best to make sure your experience with the app will exceed your expectation. After we are done with the Android app, we will just port it to iOS. Because it is easier just to copy the structure/algorithm from the finished Android App to make the iOS app. Have a nice day.
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    Eto na ulit! drop your gmail! Note: PH google accounts only! Leave a react tapos sabihin nyo " Salamat Benlotus!" para ganahan ako lagi
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    Netflix Cookies Rules:- Do not sign out from the account just close the tab of browser instead for longer use. Do not try to change password or anything
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    These are 5 shared profiles so DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING on the account. Once you were caught changing it, you will be banned for 24 hours in this forum. I hope everything is clear. Just enjoy! ALL COMMENT THAT IS LESS THAN 9 CHARACTERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY DELETED example is "thx, thanks, ty" Again, DO NOT CHANGE AND NO ADDING OF PIN *someone change the language to Portuguese and 5 changed the profile names. One more and I'll move this to trusted members club.
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    PICK 1 NUMBER 1-25 ●Ispesyal thanks sa sponsor ng acc @Quas ●Nakapag draw na po ako ng isang number ●Isang beses ka lang pwede manghula kaya pagisipan mong mabuti hehe ●Bawal magdouble account wag kang makulet ●Reacting on my post is maapreciate ko po ng sobra Keep safe guys goodluck God bless always WINNER: @NghawKoeh
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    This is BenLotus Netflix Shared Account Strict RULES.. VERY IMPORTANT. Sana maintindihan mo ito bago ka gumamit ng Netflix Shared Account na galing BenLotus. Bawal magpalit ng password. Bawal magpalit ng email. Mahirap bang intindihin yun? Kung hindi, explain ko sayo kung anong meaning noon. In English, Do not change the password. Do not change the email address. In Korean: 비밀번호를 변경하지 마십시오. 이메일 주소를 변경하지 마십시오 Anong mangyayari kapag nagpalit ka ng password or email? Sagot: Ikaw din mawawalan, dahil... kahit nagpalit ka ng password, kahit nagpalit ka ng email, kahit naglagay ka pa ng phone number mo sa Netflix account, ma-recover din namin yung account tapos mawawalan ka ng access sa Netflix. Tapos baka ma ban ka pa dito sa BenLotus. Ang mga Netflix account galing sa BENLOTUS ay hindi gamit BIN sa pag-gawa. Hindi kami naghack ng account ng iba. May access kami sa lahat ng information na gamit namin sa NETFLIX account namin. Legit talaga ang CARDS na gamit namin pang avail sa mga accounts na yun, kaya naka-link na talaga yung PAYMENT information namin sa account na gusto mong kunin para sa sarili mo.. Kung ayan ang plano mo, hindi ka makaka-success dahil promise ko sayo yan. Isang ganito lang gawin namin, amin na agad yung account kahit ano pang palitan mo. Alam namin ang FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, yung first time na pag-gawa ng account, kaya kahit magpalit ka ng FIRST NAME at LAST NAME, yung info na kailangan pa rin ay yung First time mong gamit sa pag-gawa ng account. Alam din namin yung 16 digit na card number ang gamit namin sa first time na paggawa namin yung account. Wala pang kahit isang member dito sa BenLotus success sa pag-nakaw sa account namin. Kahit 8 years na kami dito nagibibigay ng Libreng NETFLIX, wala pang naka-success sa pag-nakaw ng account. Bakit mo kasi sayanging ang oras mo at oras namin? Hindi ba sapat na na may access ka nang libre? I am PROUD to say na kahit ano pang i-try mo. Walang kang makukuha. Kaya mag enjoy ka nalang kung binigyan ka namin ng free access sa account namin. At kapag may problema ang account, i-report mo nalang sa amin at aayusin din namin. Minsan kasi lock lang naman talaga ng Netflix at walang nagpapalit ng password, aayusin namin yan para sayo. At one more thing. Madali lang malaman kung sino nagpapalit ng password at mapahiya yung nagpapalit ng password. Dahil magiging restricted ang buong group mo or isa sa inyo ay mababan sa website na ito. So na gets mo na ba ang rules? Hindi ko ito pinopost dahil takot akong mawala yung account namin. Pinopost ko ito na para matutu kang hindi mag palit ng password at sayangin yung oras namin. Thank you for reading.
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    If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.
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    TOPIC: GUESSING GAME Level of difficulty : SUPER EASY TIME LIMIT: TODAY 12:30PM (PH TIME) Pick one number from 1 to 10. I am going to draw 5 different numbers more. The first 5 persons who got the correct answers will be the winners. Please scroll down the comments section, iwasan pong maulit ang sagot dahil iconsider ko ang nauna. Please read the rules! RULES! 1. Anyone can join who doesn't have Netflix yet! 2. You can answer only once unless revocable. 3. Don't put a question mark on your answer like " 10? " , don't do this. 4. If you have many answers, you will be disqualified. 5. If no one will get the exact number, then the quiz will be revocable and will be resumed until gets the 10 winners. You can answer again till the quizzer told to do so to complete the 10 winners. 6. I will send the account to the winners via private message. WINNERS: 1. @Seffu 2. @Lorddyyy 3. @Shay 4. @Aditya25 5. @Kopiko 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. BONUS : COMMENT AND REACT ON THIS POST FOR FREE HEART REACTION ❤❤❤. GODBLESS!
  39. 14 points
    Pick 1 number 1-50 Nakapag draw na po ako ng 9 numbers magdrop lang po ng numbers Keep safe guys Godbless React ka sa post ko maapreciate ko po ng sobra Salamat po Goodluck Kapag may solo account ka na wag ka na sumali pero kapag shared account lang pede ka po sumali
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    TOPIC: GUESSING GAME Level of difficulty : EASY TIME LIMIT: TODAY 12:00PM (PH TIME) HERE IS THE PROBLEM: Pick one number from 1 to 10. The first two person who got the correct answers will be the winners. Please comment to read the rules! BONUS: COMMENT AND REACT TO GET A FREE HEART GODBLESS!
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    @Mae I edit the color dahil violet kana... By the way I really appreciate na may contest dito sa Benlotus actually ngaun lang ako naging super active sa isang Forum... I really thanks @JiroDavid for this sa pag accept sakin sa forum na toh... Hahaha medjo mahaba to pero I really love this forum... For the past 6 years ngaun lang ulit ako nakadrawing inaamag na ko aminado naman ako... Pero ang saya thanks guys.... Sa lahat pala na di nakakakilala sakin I work in marvel comics for 2 years.... I work assistant animator sa TOPPEG for 2 years.... Pero I stop drawing nung 2014 dahil naging pasmado na ko.... Eto lang ung forum na na force ako ulit magdrawing at gumawa ng club about digital art hahaha kaya love ko tong forum na toh.... Even though I drink a lot.... Hahahaha.... Thanks guys.... Unang senti ko to ko ngaun taon.... Masaya lang ako talaga.... Thanks a lot...
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  43. 13 points
    Bawal ang may solo account na. Magandang umaga po. Bago tayo magsimula pwede po ba pa react ang nasa baba.. Wala naman bayad yan. Unang sagot bigay agad. Game. Pwede sumagot paulit ulit hanggang manalo.
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    Hello For this job, you can invite a new member and earn 10 pesos each! We will give them Netflix. Rules: MAX 20 members. For each member you invite, you must provide the screenshot of them telling you their username here. I will provide the Netflix account. Just make a group of 5 new members in a private message and add me to the group. In there, I will reply the Netflix account. If the person you invite is a double account here, then that job become disqualify. PM me once you want to claim your prize. Today's event BONUS: If you invite 20 members, you will earn 250 PESOS total. Otherwise, it's 10 pesos per member. (50 Pesos Bonus) This job will end by 6:00PM today July 10th 2020.
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    Free Netflix 20 slot wag nyo palitan ang password dahil kapag pinalitan nyo lahat kayong nakasabit dun di na makakasabit hehe paunahan nalang kayo sa slot mga boss madam. lagyan nyo nalang ng pin ang profile nyo para di maagaw sa inyo. wag nyo lang papalitan pass hehe eto po ay para sa mga wala pang active netflix account. kung meron kana ipamigay mo nalang sa mga wala pa #1 NETFLIX #2 NETFLIX #3 NETFLIX #4 NETFLIX ENJOY guys
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    Shoutout to our premium accounts sponsors/contibutors, @JiroDavid, @pR1s0n3r @KingClarence, @CjPH and @ChooxTv! Thank you! They gave me the accounts for the games today. Also thank you and keep it up, to all members who keep on contributing to the forum!
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    Benlotus Art Competition: Digital Doodle Art Join and win 200 Pesos load/Gcash! DEADLINE OF JOINING: JUNE 21, 5PM THIS GAME IS FOR MEMBERS WITH 30 POSTS OR ABOVE ONLY! How to participate? - Make a digital doodle art with BENLOTUS written on it. Colored or B&W, your choice. Example digital doodle art: - You can send your entries to me via private message before the deadline. - File format: JPG, PNG - It should be made digitally, not a photo of physical art. - You will be anonymous during the voting, but the art should be made by you. Not by someone else. - If you have any questions, you can always approach us. Contest Sponsor: @JiroDavid
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    Dahil bc ang IDOL ko na c @Maks, ako na muna ang magpaparaffle JOIN THIS RAFFLE TO WIN 30 Pesos LOAD! There are 3 chosen numbers between 100 to 190, if you pick it correctly, you won. Reply your number to join. Pick only 1 number even there are 3 Correct Numbers! If you guess one of the chosen numbers, you are not allowed to join anymore, To give chance to others.. Note: I already chose 3 numbers and the chosen numbers were sent to @JiroDavid Rules: You only have 1 try every 12 hrs. Only members with 15 forum posts or more is allowed to join. And also Only members in Philippines is allowed to join Failure to follow the rules may lose you 12hrs to guess UPDATE: 2 numbers p GUYS First winner: @Chiyuki - 153 Second winner: THE RAFFLE KING HIMSELF @Maks - 177 Third winner : @gwapito06 -126
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    Dati daw pag may sakit ka kahit family mo walang care, ngayon buong barangay concerned agad.

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