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Here we discuss on different topics related to civil engineering.
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  2. BRIDGES CAN BE CLASSIFIED ON THE BASIS OF DIFFERENT PURPOSES AND DIFFERENT SITUATIONS. 1. Types of Bridges based on Type of Super Structure Arch bridge Girder bridge Truss bridge Suspension bridge 2. Types of Bridges based on Materials Timber bridge Masonry bridge Steel bridge R.C.C bridge Pre stressed concrete bridge 3. Types of Bridges based on Span Culvert bridge Minor bridge Major bridge Long span bridge 4. Types of Bridges based on Function Foot bridge Highway bridge Rail way bridge Aqueduct bridge Road cum railway bridge
  3. The bridge is a rigid structure which built on obstacle for providing the passage over an obstruction. The required passage may be for railways, roads, canals, pipelines, etc.There are different types of bridges each serves a specific purpose and selected at different situations.

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