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Artist: Planetshakers
Album: Legacy (Live) [Deluxe Version]
Release Date: September 15, 2017
Genres: Praise & Worship, Contemporary
Format | Bitrate: MP3 | 320 Kbps
Size: 172 Mb


1. Alive Again (Live in Manila)
2. Through It All (Live in Melbourne)
3. Prophesy (Live in Melbourne)
4. We Speak Life (Live in Melbourne)
5. Be My Vision (Live in Melbourne)
6. Here’s My Life (Live in Melbourne)
7. You Call Me Beautiful (Live in Melbourne)
8. Passion (Live in Melbourne)
9. Drawing Closer (Live in Kuala Lumpur)
10. A Love I Know (Live in Melbourne)
11. All On the Altar (Live in Kuala Lumpur)
12. You Are Here (Live in Manila)
13. Alive Again [Video]
14. Through It All (Live in Melbourne) [Video]
15. Prophesy [Video]
16. We Speak Life [Video]
17. Be My Vision (Live in Melbourne) [Video]
18. Here's My Life (Live in Melbourne) [Video]
19. You Call Me Beautiful [Video]
20. Passion [Video]
21. Drawing Closer [Video]
22. A Love I Know (Live in Melbourne) [Video]

Password: 2017

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