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(EXPIRED) Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition


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Free Print & Play Public Beta
Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is a new fill-in-the-blank comedy game that’s just like Cards Against Humanity, but it’s written for kids and adults to play together.

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s going on?
We’re releasing a free beta version of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition.

Is this game family-friendly?
Yes. That’s why it’s called Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition.

Can my kids play this?
We’ve never met your kids, but we designed the game for people ages 8 and up. We encourage parents to look through these cards before you play with your family and remove anything you don’t like, since different kids have different sensitivities.

Is this just Cards Against Humanity with all the bad stuff taken out?
Nope! We rewrote the entire game from scratch and extensively play-tested it with children so adults and kids can have fun together.

So like, what’s in there?
Six hundred poop jokes.

How are you making money on this free download?
We are not.

Will this game ever be for sale?
Our greatest hope is that our daily lives will return to normal, humankind will unite to end war, and Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition will be available for purchase in stores nationwide.

Is this the final version of the game?
No. This is a public beta, and we might change the cards or add new ones. But we wanted to release it as soon as possible, so quarantined families have something to do besides giving more money to the Disney Corporation. The final version will go on sale this fall.

Is my kid going to have to say swear words?
The content is PG-rated and we play-tested it with families. We recommend flipping through the cards before playing to remove anything you don’t want in there. “Crap” and “boobies” is about as bad as it gets.

I don’t have any kids. Should I download this?
If you have a pure soul and a smile in your heart: yes.

So what happens if I download this PDF and then sell copies to people?
We will legally destroy you, leaving you penniless and destitute. You will have to wear a barrel as clothes.

What about some other way I could make money off this?
Please just make one copy and play it with your family. Don’t try to make money off of this game. There is no legal way to use these PDFs to make money. If you’re not sure whether this statement applies to your brilliant scheme, email us at [email protected] and our very patient customer service team will inform you that “no.”

How do I print the game?
There are printing instructions that come with the PDF, but it doesn’t require anything more than a pair of scissors and enough manual dexterity to not cut yourself with the scissors.

I have played the game, and now I want to send feedback.
Check out this amazing form you can fill out for just that purpose.

Does Cards Against Humanity have a hot take on the Coronavirus?


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