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Youtube Vanced App: The 7 Amazing Features (2018


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Youtube Vanced is an amazing youtube app alternative, providing nifty features for the users such as ( Dark Mode, Auto Ad blocking, Background Play, Picture-in-Picture, Double-tap to seek, Resolutions Settings and Swipe Controls) there are a lot more features in the app and this is the top 7 features I usually use. 

1. Dark Mode
2. Auto Ad-blocking
3. Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
4. Background Play
5. Double-tap to seek
6. Resolution Settings
7. Swipe Controls

Download Here:

This is the hidden content, please

1. Install both Youtube Vanced and MicroG apk
2. MicroG is use for you to be able to sign-in your google account

Hope nakatulong po eto.

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