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Score! Hero - MOD APK V2.46


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For football soccer fans today I bring you one of the most successful Play Store games of recent times, Score! Hero Mod a video game of Soccer where you not only have to know the rules of the game to win, but you also have to know all the science behind this great sport to make all possible goals.


Become a master of great football plays by emulating stars like Lionel messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, making goals almost impossible to believe. Gameplay and 3D graphics are smooth in Score! Hero Mod. Also allows you to control the action, break down the defenses with precise balls or send shots to the squad and take control of a soccer experience never seen before. Only for the true scorers and winners !!!



- More than 560 levels and increase.
- Get prizes, trophies, influence goals, change clubs, speak to your country and achieve wonder.

- New scoring engine, Engine that gives you more noticeable flexibility of play allowing you to perform more techniques than recently some time ago.
- Easy to play, but difficult to ACE.

- 3D illustrations, true to life and mind blowing activities.
-Customize your legend to give it a special look.

- Smart AI Framework adjusts to your passes and shots making every move extraordinary.
- Connect to Facebook to go against your peers.

- Rankings and achievements on Google Play to see who is the best.
- Synchronized progress between gadgets through Google Play Cloud.
- A captivating story that portrays your rise as a trying young soccer star.



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12 minutes ago, Judekoh28 said:

Ilang mb sir? Haha. Thank you. 

Sorry, didn't get that, google translator failed me haha, you re welcome!


12 minutes ago, Nearsteal said:

Thanks bro christian!

You're welcome bro :)

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